Answer ability network reports on March 21, 2022, production limited company of composite material equipment of peaceful of Nanjing Nuo Er (peaceful of Er of abbreviation Nanjing Nuo) with Germany Fulaoenhuofu is chemical academy of science and technology (abbreviation Fulaoenhuofu. Collaboration basically is pull in composite material spread out on crowded engineering technology, include heat solid, thermoplastic research and development of composite material production, recipe, intelligence is changed pull crowded equipment to upgrade replacement, aid turn our country hot solid, thermoplastic composite material helps crowded technology to more higher level develops high quality, to pulling the future that pushs technology to will have the sense of milepost type.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Fulaoenhuofu ICT was founded 1959, the core domain of research and development is chemistry and system of environmental project the sources of energy, blow up technology, aggregate project and promote a system. Research knowledge applies at the commercial domain, domain such as security, aerospace, car, traffic, still have chemistry and process technology, and the sources of energy and environmental application. Fulaoenhuofu ICT is Germany blows up exclusively the research organization of the domain, arrive from the lab system, cover whole part, its scientific research force and level are in Germany not only, be in whole Europe is quite famous gas.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Peaceful of Nanjing Nuo Er already founded 21 years, it is company of new and high technology, professional production research and development is hot solid sex, thermoplastic composite material pulls crowded engineering technology to equip, won technology progress award 2013 1, technology of Ministry of Education invents award 1, award of French JEC innovation 1, participate in major research and development to plan 1 early or late, chair research and development of Nanjing key science and technology to plan 1, participate in staff level 3, uphold work out occupation standard 2, sell as far as to abroad 28 reach an area nearly 400 clients. Obtain 37, bend among them pull crowded, change curvature is pulled crowded, perpendicular pull crowded, helix crowded, wring close pull crowded etc have international banner level. Popularize small amount of application and wind report lamina to changed the job to make outstanding contribution for industry of composite material carbon fiber in last few years.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Bilateral collaboration is initiative 2011, already cooperated 11 years up to now, peaceful of Nanjing Nuo Er is in respectively 2019, 2020, rude university of ICT of Lao Enhuo's husband and its associated ACTC technology center and Canadian Xi'an offers 2022 year Xiang Fu each 1 draws crowded product line. To 2019 from 2011 personnel of technology of company of Nuo Er peaceful arrives ICT visit achieves Fulaoenhuofu 12 times. Signed official cooperation agreement this hand in hand, will help progress of crowded field technology for our country composite material, be sure to drive the industry technology progress that has demand, popularize product application for more enterprise, create better benefit. In collaboration, peaceful of Nanjing Nuo Er basically is in charge of helping the engineering technology development of crowded product line, and design product line of a complete set of and promotion of manufacturing technology mart. ICT is in charge of Fulaoenhuofu generation produces the mould in the line to optimize a design, make a product more stable serial production, put forward to optimize a proposal to product line of a complete set of, bilateral each other is connected, share technical results of battle. Upgrade the new technology of replacement, be in our country not only, still will popularize in Europe and North America area.

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