As hind product of ST-571ABS of makings of plank of bag of a ton of box gets offline, on August 24, task of production of product of ABS of makings of plank of bag of 1200 tons of box completes plant of Jilin petrifaction synthetic resin smoothly. Box includes plank ABS resin, it is this factory in the light of Jiang Zhe area journey box machines field requirement, develop new product of a special feed, after putting in the market, through 4 batch production is optimized, type approval, achieve user technology requirement, replaced entrance and product of foreign capital company completely. ABS of box bag plank has tall tenacity, Gao Gang gender, good time wait for function with the gender, suit box to wrap plank extruder vacuum to suck model to shape. After receiving 1200 tons of box to wrap plank ABS product to produce the job, height of factory of Jilin petrifaction synthetic resin takes seriously, unripe obstetric room and shop of union of workshop of the 2nd ABS are actual, made practical producer proposal. “ produces box to wrap plank ABS, tall to what needing function of colophony of semifinished product SAN to ask, my factory has unit of 5/6SAN of device of the 2nd ABS to have manufacturing condition ” only, lin Changsong of workshop vice director introduces, accord with the SAN makings of the requirement for production, workshop technologist weaves brand switch plan and operation get stuck together, to SAN manufacturing recipe undertakes optimizing improvement, whole journey of critical process index dogs, realized the successful production that semifinished product SAN expects. After eligible SAN product carries storehouse of the makings that mix refine, wang Zhixiang of workshop vice director is organized instantly begin to produce box to wrap plank to expect. They change recipe, configuration strictly according to plan chemical, pack transfer makings and eligible plank makings, pay attention to detail, layer upon layer guard a pass. Operation personnel is opposite hourly head of extruder vacuum mouth, model undertakes check of make one's rounds is reached clear operation, affirm the lot number that pack and gush are piled up seriously, ensure manufacturing process is controlled. In product production process, whole process of researcher of center of ABS colophony research and development dogs, check the quality of the product in brand switch process meticulously, directive workshop undertakes operating, control product quality.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Through serial production, the factory finished 1200 tons of box satisfactorily to include the manufacturing plan of plank ABS product. This product will carry Jiang Zhe in area user hand, satisfy the manufacturing requirement of downstream enterprise.

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