Recently, maritime fan “ is gigantic without bully the “T degree that ”GE Haliade-X obtained DNV of Norwegian ship's classification society (typhonic class) ” attestation, can move below typhonic condition. In each maritime space that suffers intertropical cyclone effect inside limits, the intertropical cyclone of northwest Pacific Area produces frequency tall, intensity is strong, 36% what hold sum total about. What developing maritime wind report accordingly is medium, be heated takes cyclone the impact is big, it is the country such as Japan, Korea, Australia next, europe suffers an effect scarcely. Is DNV responsible but the executive vice-president Kim Sandgaard-M of attestation of second birth the sources of energy? Rk expresses, to support the development of maritime wind report, fan should be aimed at a typhoon such extreme ambient conditions undertakes designing. This Haliade-X obtains T class attestation, card understands his to be able to resist reliably inside lifecycle typhoon. Type aux will be able to is in the area beyond Europe and United States quite, be like, the market investment such as Japan and Korea moves. GE but Vincent Schellings of officer of technology of banquet of report of maritime wind of company of second birth energy says: This is opposite “ is an important milestone for us. Obtain attestation to make our group continues to maintain development momentum in new area, the sources of energy that Haliade-X can be in these areas produces real effect in transition. ”Haliade-X was released 2018, already rolled out 3 type such as 12MW, 13MW, 14MW up to now, among them the complete type attestation that 12MW type will obtain DNV GL in November last year, and the type attestation that 13MW type obtained DNV in January this year. Haliade-X already by American Vineyard Wind 1 (800 MW) , Ocean Wind (1.1GW) with project of British Dogger Bank (3.6GW) pitch on, will exceed power supply of 5 million household for two countries. Current, GE is uncovering in relief city to build its to go up in a sea of the Asia in Guangdong province base of general assembly of group of wind electric machinery, plan to begin to produce Haliade-X fan this year.

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