Association of German composite material is the guild that with promoting trade of German composite material development is a target one, close, this association announced the result of composite material market research the 16th times, decided fiber increases plastic (FRP) the index of new crucial property of the market (KPI) . This investigation enclothed Germany to enhance Ba Dengfu of plastic association AVK, Germany Teng Bao city is small quantify bureau Leichtbau BW, Germany plastic with VDMA of balata machine association mix light quantify the composite material industry such as technical working group all member company of 3 large organizations. With before same, to ensure investigation goes on wheels, the issue that this second half an year investigates did not change. The data that obtains in investigation basically is qualitative, with concern with market development of future currently. After afterwards of relatively active to managing the evaluation of the state currently   investigates pair of current commerce conditions to make very negative assessment last time, new findings shows, the situation takes a favourable turn apparently. All 3 are investigated area (, Europe and Germany) show the metabolic trend with positive height. In the 2020 investigation first half of the year, have 85% on average suffer the person that visit to think current commercial condition is negative, it is very negative even, and in new investigation, have 50% on average suffer the person that visit to think current condition is to comparative of the front or special front (see a picture) .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
And, this kind of relatively optimistic assessment applies to overall management condition not only, also apply to the business that gets oneself of the person that visit. Although COVID-19 epidemic situation spreads continuously, face a lot of challenge, the sentiment that gets the person that visit already was improved apparently. Critical factor may be 2020 the situation of second half of the year, the economy at that time glides to want than what worry so small. The influence degree that commerce and industry are restricted is disparate. Very important to composite material industry bldg. did not get at present negative effect. Carrying trade also begins to anabiosis in the numerous domain such as car and traffic. Although structural transition is far still half-baked, but at present the industry has begun to face up to a challenge, can see from the outside even, still cannot restore exclusively horizontal industry has aviation job only it seems that before. The international trade that another reason also may be a lot of places concerns to be being loosened apparently. When future anticipates active   should be asked about what develop to prospective commerce to anticipate, the positive case that appeared to last. With respect to 3 all by investigation area character, suffer the person that visit to be opposite of prospective trade situation anticipate should get actively much, the high cost since achieving these investigation to begin even (see a picture 3) . Different to applying the expectation of the industry to be worth   is right certain applying of the industry anticipate the difference is very big. First, of car, aviation and wind energy industry anticipate drop considerably (see a picture 4) . However notable is, those who predict to drop suffer the person that visit more than be being gotten less last. In be investigated last, the gets the person that visit to predict aviation industry case of 71% will be exasperate, and this one value has fallen to have “46% only to “ now. In car domain, this one word already from 45% (2020 first half of the year) drop to have 17% only. GRP continues to make growth dynamical   and before same, this second investigation shows, germany, Europe and Asia are the area that hopeful provides significant growth to stimulate for composite material industry. The anticipation to the Asia may continue to rise, and Germany and Europe drop somewhat. In data side, report of association of German composite material says, saw the pattern that having transforms. In be being investigated 13 times afore, suffer the person that visit to think from beginning to end composite material board piece main growth stimulation comes from CRP of carbon fiber composite material, and now have been successive the 3rd in investigation, sufferring the person that visit to mention GRP of fibre glass composite material is important material (see a picture 5) . Composite material index is to be worth   now in so many domain, evaluate apparent more active not complete surprising, because a lot of places appeared a few preliminary indication that anabiosis. 2020 second half of the year, show more positive sentiment generally. Nevertheless, feel accident to be evaluated clearly of current trade situation and prospective foreground or letting a person. Index of composite material development turns in all domains for active, reached new height, anticipate to what did not come especially (see a picture 6) . These are tall anticipate whether implementation still remains to observe, prospective development still has a lot of uncertainty. Current focus still is the COVID-19 epidemic situation that lasting, do not have a person to be able to be forecasted realistically. Vaccinal have an inoculation plans start, and of a lot of epidemic situation put delay apparently, make a lot of market public figures more hopeful to future. Additional, numerous government supports a project to be rolled out ceaselessly, sino-US between economy and political business relation also have apparent relaxation. In addition, the economic insecurity relation between Russia, European Union and United States appears to alleviate somewhat, but still need to take action in political level. One of international trade major challenge, be opposite especially for the European Union, remain England to take off Europe, among them overall effect still remains to observe. In automobile industry, a lot of enterprises, especially Germany is primitive equipment manufacturer, undertaking management the change of mode; Aviation industry regards composite material as the main field of the industry, no matter be now,still be metaphase, appear to cannot regain the level previously; Bldg. is current the big market territory of composite material application, get epidemic situation the influence is minor. Rather he a lot of industry fields are same, composite material market also must be faced last year glide considerably. Nevertheless, current foreground makes a person hopeful, in a lot of application domains, glide the state can get quickly alleviating.

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