On May 25, 2021, via wind energy constituent GWO entrusts accredit, ancient bronze mirror judge sea of limited company of science and technology of attestation center Xiang Jinfeng is windward report grooms center (sea of science and technology of abbreviation “ Jin Feng is windward report grooms groom central ” ) issue GWO BR (Blade Repair Training) blade maintenance grooms service attestation certificate, the acquisition of this aptitude realized maintenance of lamina of Asian area GWO to groom the 0 ” of “ that serve module are broken through, for industry of domestic wind cable education lamina carries dimension talent is offerred assure, standardization of the industry that help strength, health changes development. Blade quality problem affects dependability of wind- driven generation set and electricenergy production this two old main index. In recent years, as the rapid development of the industry, wind report lamina puts quantity and increment dimensions all the more giant, subsequently and those who come is tremendous lamina carry dimension serves market demand. Below the circumstance of unavailable professional examination and maintenance, slight loss can evolve into blade stage by stage for significant loss, serious when will cause fan to pour the accident such as the tower, cause huge pecuniary loss. In the meantime, at present blade serves market disorder, level of work staff skill is uneven, dimension of carry of standardization education lamina and the Chongzhongzhi that maintain a person to just become an industry to develop are heavy. About GWO lamina maintenance grooms   falls in this setting, wind energy is organized (Global Wind Organization, GWO) installation of lamina of basis wind electric field, service and safeguard concerned time and accident statistic data to wove in Feburary 2019 intercurrent cloth maintenance of wind report lamina grooms standard " Blade Repair Training Standard " , focusing lamina overhauls the education of personnel integratedly, the hope is held through theory and fact earth up v/arc instructions student to master lamina of wind- driven generation set to check capability, work according to directive executive maintenance. Specific requirement is as follows: (1) the aerodynamics rough sketch that holds part of composite material of aggrandizement of fibre glass of wind- driven generation set inside the following dimension and structural integrality: Length of tailing edge maintenance can amount to 1.5 meters of   leading edge to maintain length to be able to amount to maintenance of pressing plate of layer of 1.5 meters of   to be able to come model refill-unit of material of core material   core can amount to 200 square centimeter   spray paint and gel coating surface are maintained, at the same time safety uses the capacity of applicable chemical; (3) structure of understanding model composite material, type, and the surface related to aerodynamics function and efficiency is bright and clean spend a requirement; (4) master divisional epoxy resin, polyester, polyurethane, vinyl ester, methylic acrylic acid ester, overhaul the buildup related the job with composite material the ability of material and dissolvent, begin the work with can accusing means safety; (5) master proper preparation, operation and safeguard dynamoelectric model reach machinery tool and equipment capacity; (6) master the labour coach according to component of composite material of fibre glass aggrandizement, safety is carried out and record layer pressing plate, interlining board and exterior layer maintain working ability. Maintenance of wind report lamina grooms standard " Blade Repair Training Standard " at the near future the iteration that finish is optimized, ancient bronze mirror judge will begin relevant attestation work according to new version. Maintenance of lamina of development of combination of golden wind double luck grooms curricular   sea of science and technology of this golden wind is windward report grooms center and development department of lamina of center of research and development combine Luoyang limited company of blade of Shuang Ruifeng report (Shuang Ruifeng of “ of the following abbreviation, combinative both sides is in dimension of blade design, production, test, carry, groom the advantage resource that waits for a respect and rich experience, give full cooperation, finished GWO lamina to maintain curricular development jointly. Ancient bronze mirror judge according to relative standard capability of intelligence of facilities of central spot facilities, instructor, academic to grooming fact is held give lessons, the respect such as quality management system undertook rigorous and meticulous major is examined, issued the aptitude attestation letter of this module recently. Organize about GWO   wind energy (GWO, global Wind Organization) GWO is the international organization that starts by wind report manufacturer and operation business, aim to groom through safety and carry out an activity, reduce a risk, control a venture, do not have the working environment of harm in order to help implementation of wind cable industry. GWO makes wind electrician the safety of personnel put v/arc be on the throne from beginning to end, devote oneself to to build perfect industry safety to groom system, at present GWO attestation system includes basic safety to groom (BST) , basic technical ability grooms (BTT) , advanced come to help (ART) , enhance emergency treatment (EFA) , blade is maintained (BR) , the person that elevator of wind report mast is used (LU) groom course.

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