Material science is using traditional lab process all the time, with decide and discovering new composite material. Undertook is as long as counting the experiment of the day to different composition, new to making material had a large number of research. The occurrence of artificial intelligence affected the discovery of the new material such as metallic glass. Publish in " scientific progress " an article that go up speaks of the discovery that quickens metallic glass through machine study and tall flux experiment.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
In this article, scientists say, this paper showed “ if machine study and HiTp experiment where iteration / use in feedback loop, the photograph of traditional search method that depends on 50 years with the past is compared, the discovery of system of easily will new MG rate rises above of two amounts class. ”Artificial intelligence algorithm can be mixed from existing database part is cast in repeating an analysis, offer new recipe or combination to make new material. Machine study system can be used at digging data from inside studying material and periodical, in order to draw the name related to material discovery or sentence, them combination rises, the new combination that is material offers view. The report of Masschusetts Institute of Technology is mentioned, the group of a research of university of Zhu Sai of Sa of Masschusetts Institute of Technology, horse and California university hopes to pass a new artificial intelligence the system will narrow the difference between material science and automation, this system will come through researching a thesis derivation gives the “ recipe ” that produces specific material. These machine study systems are used have supervise, without supervise and supervise algorithm to conclude partly. Supervisory algorithm will get a has trained data set, with will establish a relationship, and the data set that will do not have any training to pass without supervisory algorithm, they are left to discover interested data structure. It is OK that artificial intelligence and machine study are used in material discovery create new alloy with rapidder rate, solve the problem with the composite material limited natural resources such as iron and steel. " the brim " did an article of the magazine cite does scientist of northwest university material overcome Reese? Woerfudu's word says: “ we undertake quanta to material the computation of mechanical level, calculative is complex before degree enough lets us make a kind of likely new material in the lab, forecast its performance actually on the computer. ” is a platform, offer discovery to be able to last to servantchoose a person for a job with reliable material benefit labour intelligence, can serve as the good substitute of resource. The scientist is OK input the data that includes existing material character artificial intelligence system, achieve the result of new material, this is the new method that has scientific test. These artificial intelligence algorithm use fictitious computation and calculation, is not executive physics experiment. Later, the scientist can use the statement that the system provides to make new composite material. A paper that Cantabrigian university publishs reviews and discussed machine study to be in forecast composite material the new application of mechanical performance side, and the action in the composite material that machine study has place to require performance in the design. The wide application of artificial intelligence and machine study algorithm analyse the ability of huge data, the discovery of more new student that conduces to scientific domain.

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