5, new-style contain fluorine not saturated polyester inferior the ceaseless development of amine colophony and industry of electric equipment of of its insulating material raised taller requirement to insulating material. Technical properties is machined admirably in what maintain not saturated polyester while, how to improve the hear resistance of not saturated polyester, mechanical performance, the dimension stability that improves not saturated polyester, be able to bear or endure chemistry is caustic, hygroscopic, raise the important research way that environmental endophilicity is research of not saturated polyester. Raw divide into equal parts of heart of king of experiment of material of hi-tech of institute of chemistry of academy of sciences was not synthesized contain inferior the new-style and binary mellow monomer of amine structure (BTGTB) and n duality inferior among amine acid body (BTTB) , make new-style contain fluorine not saturated polyester inferior amine colophony. , the result makes clear, in maintain not saturated polyester good treatment function while, catenary of element of not saturated polyester paragraph in introduce inferior amine structure, not only the hear resistance that increased not saturated polyester, mechanical function, report function, reach chemistry to corrode function, and the not saturated polyester of content of structure of Gao Ya amine inferior amine colophony has outstanding heat-resisting property. 6, coating of graticule of road of our country of road graticule coating considers to start later, development rate is slower. The road graticule coating that our country uses at present basically has the form of a drug of normal temperature dissolve and hot frit painting 2 kinds. Contain the shortcoming with a large number of organic dissolvent and solid low content in the light of coating of graticule of normal temperature dissolvent road, shandong saves horse of bureau of traffic hall highway to celebrate thunder, wait to be solvent with reactivity monomer styrene with science of Jinan university material and engineering courtyard Guan Ruifang, colophony of not useless old polystyrene, saturated polyester is given priority to should become velar matter, deserve to wait for other data to be made with initator coating of graticule of a kind of environmental protection road. In the monomer when becoming film young member shares aggregate reaction, basically do not have “ 3 useless ” are discharged, it is a kind of environmental protection coating. Carry orthogonal analysis and electric lens picture, discussed influence film to add the element of exert oneself, the coating that makes has construction moderate of ply of convenient, film, adherent force climate adaptability is strong, strong wait for an advantage. This coating can adjust viscosity and solidify time according to need, can get together beforehand in construction site direct besmear outfit, monomer of the dissolvent in the system when becoming film shares reaction, volatilize the quantity is dinky, have hot frit painting dry into film condition of moderate of ply of tall, film, satisfy the need reachs content of fast, solid climate adaptability is strong wait for an advantage. Additionally this coating used useless old polystyrene plastic to become one of velar matter, reduced the cost of coating not only, still use to useless old polystyrene reclaims plasticly offerred a way. Have good economic benefits and social beneficial result.

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