What does application have related not saturated colophony? Expert of net of not saturated colophony introduced the home of gel coat of not saturated polyester, coating and adhesive to study progress, include among them: Domestic gel coat and current situation of market of colour glue colophony, be able to bear or endure new-styly await a gender flame retardant gel coat colophony, fight colophony of bacterium gel coat, colophony of gel coat of ultraviolet light solidify, anti-fouling coating of gel of not saturated polyester, the not saturated polyester of low monomer content is compound model assorted content and its preparation, product line of colophony of 3000t gel coat transforms harm of project occupational disease to be evaluated beforehand, not saturated polyester is able to bear or endure material of ablation bag Fu, without solvent impregnating varnish, road graticule coating and agent of colophony anchor solid. As technology of basic research of glass reinforced plastics mature with each passing day those who reach foreign advanced equipment and technology is ceaseless introduce, in recent years industry of domestic glass reinforced plastics gets flying development, breed of gel coat resinous expands ceaselessly. The ceaseless promotion of gel coat colophony on breed and function, make its apply a domain to expand ceaselessly, at present gel coat colophony provides a respect to wait like shower tub, tub, bedplate in wholesome clean, shipbuilding industry if houseboat, lifeboat, coastguard cutter reach housing of instrument of industry of traffic carrying trade, bldg. , entertainment, medical treatment, billboard, booth and security personnel a lot of domains such as booth get applied.

4, it is certain that without Harbin of solvent impregnating varnish manage is versed in the Zhang Mingyan of the university heats epoxy resin heats epoxy resin temperature, below the circumstance of agitate, ordinal join block to get together agent, certain proportional styrene, tung-oil acid anhydride, self-restrained not saturated polyester, accelerant, initator and xylene colophony, liquid acid anhydride, mix adequately even, after passing filter, get odd constituent namely without solvent impregnating varnish. What what develop is moistureproof model without solvent insulation impregnating varnish, because use the colophony of not saturated polyester of xylene colophony and heat-resisting to undertake modified, make its are had be able to bear or endure goodly wet waterproof properties. Heat-resisting index is 164 ℃ , the insulation of electric machinery of stage of completely OK and contented B-F is handled. Introduce according to expert of net of not saturated colophony, at the same time this macerate colophony still is had good osmotic, reliable electric physics function and stable room temperature keep in storage period. The electric machinery of processing makes below condition of damp and hot appliance has higher reliability, longer normal movement can assure inside time. The Jin Yinglan of Zhang Mingyan of college of Harbin grain industry and factory of Harbin insulating material reported epoxy resin of modified of not saturated polyester rolls the composition of dip lacquer, technical properties without solvent, made simple analysis to concerning an issue. Introduce according to expert of net of not saturated colophony, as lacquer rolling dip, this colophony is had longer operating period and good osmotic, the rotor stator that handles through this lacquer have good Electromechanical performance, it is a kind of new-style F class does not have solvent impregnating varnish.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Group of industry of Oriental insulating material east the production that Li Jinliang of Zhu Xingjian of paint company institute, Hu Zhaonan and institute of science of Shanghai electric equipment introduced impregnating varnish of domestic and international insulation and use circumstance. Introduce according to expert of net of not saturated colophony, the development direction that they point out impregnating varnish is to heat-resisting model, environmental protection with microtherm wash-and-wear model impregnating varnish develops. Abroad already developed an a few scentless lacquer to plant in recent years. The not saturated polyester that is like Du Bang company inferior amine does not have solvent impregnating varnish, have 3 kinds with what DAP is thinner, have 4 kinds with what acrylic ester is thinner. East the D033 of environmental protection lacquer of lumber company and development of collaboration of place of chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, use monomer mixes new-style cross-linking to cause one block newly to get together system, made low volatilize, the blame styrene of low poison without solvent macerate colophony. The impregnating varnish of not saturated polyester of American General Electric Company has 27 kinds, sheet of Japanese Toshiba company is class of B class and B, F general-purpose solvent impregnating varnish shares 14 kinds. The insulation impregnating varnish with such various breed, can differ for basis of factory of electric machinery, electric equipment the requirement random of category electrician product chooses, sex of form a complete set and applicability are very consequently strong.

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