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Apply related not saturated colophony 4

The not saturated polyester of content of 5. low monomer is compound model the Airola that combines content and Neste Chemical of its preparation Finland, the Karri not saturated polyester that originated low monomer content is compound model assorted content and its preparation method. This kinds of not saturated polyester that applies to system of much talk coating and coating of the gel in the material that fold a layer combines content to contain: ≥1 is planted the tall viscosity of quality of tall opposite element is not saturated polyester 10% ~ 90% ; ≥1 is planted the low viscosity of quality of small opposite element is not saturated polyester 10% ~ 80% plant with ≥1 9% ~ of monomer 30% . For example, will 31 by adjacent benzene anhydride of 2 formic acid, 3 hydroxide are methylic propane, methylic the not saturated polyester that ester of acrylic shrink glycerine and benzoic acid make, with by Ma Lai acid anhydride, 2 third methanol of 2 alcohol, benzene is mixed 15 2- second base the not saturated polyester that personal alcohol makes, by Ma Lai acid anhydride, 2 third 2 glycol mix • of 2 alcohol, glycol 31 the not saturated polyester that ester of glycerine of methylic acrylic shrink makes, and 23 styrene mix, solidify, the tensile strength of solidify product is 66MPa, flexural strength is 108MPa, heat be out of shape temperature 64 ℃ . Product line of colophony of 6.3000t gel coat transforms harm of project occupational disease to evaluate a basis beforehand " evaluation of harm of construction project occupational disease is normative " (the inspect that defend a law is sent [2002] the 63rd) , center of control of precaution of disease of city of hill of Jiangsu province elder brother was opposite in October 2003 product line of colophony of gel coat of some company 3000t/a transformed a project to undertake occupational disease harm is evaluated beforehand, conclusion is as follows: Pink of French chalk, titanium white, gas phase may arise after drafting rebuilt project project put into production the dust such as 2 oxidation silicon, dye, the occupational disease such as poison and the noise such as styrene, acetone endangers an element. This production unit is changed for conduit, semi-automatic change, half airtight turn production, manufacturing technology is more mature, safe production performance is higher, have establishment of corresponding wholesome project form a complete set. Accordingly, manufacturing unit basically belongs to safe production device. The safe production that feasibility studies to the report plans to adopt and wholesome preventive measure are basic and reasonable, but still should perfect further.

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