2, the special colophony that colophony of gel coat of colophony of new-style gel coat is layer of gel coat of goods of the glass reinforced plastics that make. Styrene still is the appropriate monomer that current UP colophony chooses. But the evaporate steam pressure that styrene issues in room temperature is higher, volatilize easily, using hand paste or eject to shape especially the vitreous steel that craft makes, in the process that in its gel coat layer and back line enhance a layer volatilize more easily. When its steam chroma exceeds a certain quantity of (> the eye nose mucous membrane that exciting person meets when 50pg/g) is caused dazed, disgusting wait for a symptom. Because this development develops low styrene to send out,colophony of sexual gel coat appears very necessary, and have very important real sense. At present abroad already developed colophony of a lot of new-style gel coat. 1. Be able to bear or endure new-styly await a gender flame retardant the compound containing bromine that Xin of Cao of limited company of group of horse of day of Changzhou of gel coat colophony uses a kind of become privileged to learn a structure is main raw material, synthesized have ageing to become yellow to spend the colophony of not saturated polyester with small, advantageous flame retardation, reported this resinous is physico-chemical function. They are matrix with this colophony, development was developed be able to bear or endure await a gender flame retardant gel coat colophony, listed resinous of this gel coat is able to bear or endure the data that await a gender. Colophony of not saturated polyester has combustibility, because this develops development anti-flammability colophony of not saturated polyester, become solve glass reinforced plastics flame retardant sexual key. Delectable is to show to have in the market a lot of flame retardant colophony can make manufacturer choose for glass reinforced plastics, include response among them model, add model, reaction is added model the anti-flammability of 3 big kinds is not saturated polyester colophony. But these breed basically are to use the resin back line that enhances material union to use with Bo fine, and those who be used at goods surface is flame retardant breed of gel coat resinous is not much, about this kind flame retardant gel coat resinous studies the report is fewer, this likelihood and characteristic of gel coat resinous can ask to have very big concern. Action of gel coat resinous is to give colophony back line or layer to add up to material to offer a covering layer, so they must be had be able to bear or endure goodly water, be able to bear or endure chemical, impulse withstand, be able to bear or endure the function such as climate ageing, its are mechanical intensity wants tall, and should have tenacity and resilience, after solidify due and good burnish, manage to make do is lubricious, can achieve beautiful result. What have on the market at present is flame retardant great majority of gel coat colophony is to use wait for the acid that contain bittern by HET acid or anhydride of 4 bromic benzene kind colophony of complex reaction not saturated polyester makes up for matrix, although they have more satisfactory anti-flammability, but be able to bear or endure await function very not ideal, of short below sunshine time after insolating, become yellow apparently, white of very inaccessible production or the requirement of steel of light color glass. Research development is able to bear or endure await a gender admirable, ageing changes Huang Du is small flame retardant breed of gel coat colophony, it is the task that colophony production manufacturer and company of production of glass reinforced plastics pay close attention to very. React through can be being mixed to the chemical bond of a lot of compound that contain bittern active contrast analyses research, combinative experiment exploration uses a kind of become privileged to learn a structure: The new-style compound that contain bromine and binary mellow, saturated n duality are acerbity (anhydride) and not saturated n duality is acerbity (anhydride) synthesis of condensation polymerization reaction has ageing one kind to change Huang Du is small, the colophony of not saturated polyester with good anti-flammability, it is matrix colophony with this kind of colophony, cooperate distinctive assist add up to additive and auxiliary, company of group of applied day horse's peculiar gel coat colophony manufactures technology, development developed a kind to be able to bear or endure new-styly await a gender flame retardant gel coat colophony. The sort of sort of the sort that the Wang Zelin of academy of Shanghai glass reinforced plastics papers with white dye, gel coat resinous, painty burnt dosage and accelerant 4 elements, every element reelection 3 levels, make orthogonal design plan, discussed through experimenting 9 times in the influence below all sorts of ambient conditions this white gel coat fizzles out change main factor of the phenomenon, discover this experiment packs inventory of product isolation ultraviolet ray to fail face of slow down product is yellow change phenomenon. The experiment confirms the carrier colophony that should change painty paste, gel coat is yellow change the phenomenon gets very big improvement. The data of the experiment still makes clear, although isolated,resinous is packed the pollution of ultraviolet ray and outside, but of sample yellow change phenomenon not slow down, it is worth while still to be being packed well really so research.

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