What does application have related not saturated colophony? The home of gel coat of not saturated polyester, coating and adhesive considers to make progress, include among them: Domestic gel coat and current situation of market of colour glue colophony, be able to bear or endure new-styly await a gender flame retardant gel coat colophony, fight colophony of bacterium gel coat, colophony of gel coat of ultraviolet light solidify, anti-fouling coating of gel of not saturated polyester, the not saturated polyester of low monomer content is compound model assorted content and its preparation, product line of colophony of 3000t gel coat transforms harm of project occupational disease to be evaluated beforehand, not saturated polyester is able to bear or endure material of ablation bag Fu, without solvent impregnating varnish, road graticule coating and agent of colophony anchor solid. As technology of basic research of glass reinforced plastics mature with each passing day those who reach foreign advanced equipment and technology is ceaseless introduce, in recent years industry of domestic glass reinforced plastics gets flying development, breed of gel coat resinous expands ceaselessly. The ceaseless promotion of gel coat colophony on breed and function, make its apply a domain to expand ceaselessly, at present gel coat colophony provides a respect to wait like shower tub, tub, bedplate in wholesome clean, shipbuilding industry if houseboat, lifeboat, coastguard cutter reach housing of instrument of industry of traffic carrying trade, bldg. , entertainment, medical treatment, billboard, booth and security personnel a lot of domains such as booth get applied.

One, gel coat of instinctive quality of resorcinol of foreword gel coat and chromatic gel coat. In goods production process, great majority circumstance needs to use chromatic gel coat. Before chromatic gel coat is to be in ecru gel coat, join right amount lubricious oar (paste of Yi Chenyan makings) become by artificial accent match colors, allocate the colour gum that give to be in so large spell outfit goods, be like cooling tower or big batch goods, if the seat on the stage is watched in the playground,the manufacturing process middling that wait can cause off color, what affect product badly is beautiful. Improve goods exterior quality to overcome this malpractice, need produces the chromatic gel coat that gives colorless difference for the client. The business of gel coat of domestic producible color is not at present much, yashenlan polyester (elder brother hill) limited company is supplier of big chromatic gel coat, yashenlan the company provides faster, more seasonable service to give gel coat the client, in each district (contain Yashenlan polyester (elder brother hill) limited company) rolled out INSTINT fast gel coat produces a system automatically, a colour rubber that needs color can be produced for the client inside several minutes; Company of golden hill Di Siman from DSM headquarters (own completely big gel coat plant) introduce those who produce per year 1000t is completely advanced, the chromatic gel coat of whole computer attune, match colors is automatic equipment of production line Eurotinter, this is this equipment the production line of gel coat of the 5th color that going up; Limited company of chemical industry of Jiangsu rich water chestnut (former Jiangsu richly chemical industry) the production line of chromatic gel coat that also introduces an advanced whole computer attune, match colors from Holand; Group of horse of day of state-owned and large company (industry of domestic glass reinforced plastics has bigger effect) and meaning amount to chemical industry (the gel coat mill with old Taiwan, southeast Asia till one of suppliers of main gel coat, taiwan is solely invested enterprise) the match colors system that produces chromatic gel coat is used on advanced computer colorimetric, repass personnel mix colors, but the chromatism that because the lubricious oar place of different batch is brought,old rate eliminates. The characteristic color gel coat that north installs river glass steelworks to produce is to outshine the rest more. Matrix of gel coat resinous is colophony of not saturated polyester (UP) , reason produces the enterprise of UP to produce gel coat resin for the most part. Not complete count, 2001 year of sale of domestic gel coat control in 20 thousand T, among them chromatic gel coat is many tons 3000. Express the 1 enterprise that listed domestic share produces gel coat and gel coat sale, come to each enterprise nearly 2 years year of sale of gel coat mostly with 10% ~ 30% grow, and add situation do not decrease, market of visible gel coat has latent capacity greatly. Although market prospect is very good, compete still very intense, want to stand firm in the industry, need has enough economic actual strength to actor or actress valence cheap has the market in order to pledge, or have the product that has develop a school of one's own, although year of sale that north brings gel coat of river glass steelworks is not quite big, but the characteristic gel coat such as the gas doing gel coat that it has, radiation solidify gel coat and the mould gel coat that are bungled not to rot is be expert at lead position is occupied inside course of study, gain is sizable still; Meaning the lubricious oar of a kind of SMC that amounts to chemical industry to develop production, but high temperature resistant 180 ℃ , and goods surface does not have design and color, apply successfully at ambitious air conditioning.

Express productivity of colophony of 1 home gel coat and sale

Company name

Year productivity / T

Year sale / T

Ecru gel coat

Chromatic gel coat

Yashenlan (elder brother hill)




Day horse group




Meaning amount to chemical industry



600 ~ 700

North installs a river




Richly chemical industry


1600 ~ 1700


Hua Rixin material




Inferior nation chemical industry


700 ~ 800


Jiang Yin 2 change




Suzhou advance Wei






Sell with every months of close 20t about now

Note: Year sale signs up for oneself for the enterprise, without approve, offer reference only.

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