AOC company's will distinctive Daron® colophony and union of carbon fiber photograph make SMC part, have superior integral performance, include expensive machinery intensity, low density, low discharge, and implementation is installed in line besmear, preserve the design flexibility with distinctive composite material at the same time. The technologist of AOC Europe introduced this one new carbon fiber SMC how to be used at the graph to block accept project (this project is aided financially by British government) the development of car construction part. Piece record pattern is plastic (SMC) craft already was proved to be one of production methods with composite material general component. It produces course low waste material, dimensions integratedly to change production and function modular advantage at a suit, because this SMC is used extensively at big batch,make solid, durable, and the composite material component that pledges gently, apply at traffic, electric, building and consumptive market. Make SMC with carbon fiber component

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Ron Verleg of scientist of AOC Europe advanced research and development explains: “ in recent years, be based on the new-style SMC material of carbon fiber to had been commercialized, realized the application of industrial dimensions at present, make exceed light construction part, the congener product of aluminium of its function excel and steel. ”SMC craft can use system of colophony of sex of a few kinds of hot solid, every kinds of system has its specific actor drawback. SMC is commonly used is colophony of not saturated polyester (UPR) , because UPR SMC has good mechanical performance, allow more expensive stuff to measure (reduce product cost thereby) , inside the mould material still has good liquidity. However, when be used together with carbon fiber, colophony soak is not complete, and as adherent as carbon fiber surface force owes beautiful, cause machinery of modular casting die performance is not high. Vinyl ester colophony (VER) use at casting die of carbon fiber model to be able to acquire taller mechanical property. However, add vinyl colophony sheet stiff the platform to the requirement is a challenge. In addition, vinyl colophony viscosity normally exorbitant, cannot infiltrate completely carbon fiber fine filament, carbon fiber is occupied than tall when more such. The epoxy resin that the course optimizes (EPR) also can be used at SMC spare parts and acquire tall mechanical property. However the weakness with EPR SMC old system is difficult soak, ripe change and shape the process needs to comparative to warm up time-consumingly measure, this makes EPR SMC system be hard to mass production, cost lacks competition ability. With carbon fiber Luuk Groenewoud of manager of project of strategy of perfect and compatible AOC complements: “AOC developed a kind of distinctive SMC technology, make short the good technology sex that cuts carbon fiber SMC to have UPR SMC and VER SMC, and the high mechanical performance of epoxy resin carbon fiber. The Daron® polyurethane that this revolutionary technology is based on AOC is miscellaneous change a technology. ”Daron®SMC technology has distinct advantage, store time is long (be as long as below room temperature 6 months) , mould pressing process has good liquidity, housing of mould of can complete fill, include insert and reinforcement. Daron®SMC technology still has individual liberty base solidify system, make manufacturing process volatile organic matter is discharged super- Chang Zhi is low. Ron Verleg says: “Daron® colophony viscosity is very low, although the carbon fiber filament of high volume bundle OK and very good soak. In addition, daron®SMC technology made ideal physics and chemical interact arise between solidify colophony matrix and carbon fiber. ”These advantages, plus shape the liquidity with good process, gift eventually the mechanical performance with very high component, drawing model quantity amounts to 43GPa, tensile strength is more than 300MPa. Obtain OEM to approbate process of industrialization of technology of carbon fiber SMC to be compared all the time slow, because systematic cost is exorbitant. Zoltek of carbon fiber manufacturer developed the 50K with a kind of inferior cost to divide bundle of carbon fiber, can open in process of SMC mould pressing, the carbon fiber property that open can achieve small bundle of level (make an appointment with 3K) . When 50K fiber cent becomes 3K bundle when, intensity increases, exceed 12K fiber apparently. Aid financially by British government, tiger of nimble leopard road (Jaguar Land Rover) initiated plan blocks accept project, aim to develop harder, lighter car structure, in order to improve electric car performance, participator includes banner learning and trade partner. Direction of main attack of project of drawing card accept is to seek cost effectiveness the solution of tall, carbon fiber composite material that can expand. Regard this as the one part of the project, the photograph of divides bundle of fiber technology and AOC Daron SMC technology of Astar company use Zoltek is united in wedlock, produce a kind of CF-SMC, it accords with this project up to now all standards, include mechanical intensity and mould property. Besides mechanical function and cost, another precondition that big batch car makes is composite material spare parts can bear besmear installs a process, include costume of online electron besmear. Latter is falling relative to higher temperature undertake, temperature can amount to 200°C, make an appointment with 30 minutes continuously. In project of drawing card accept, model already moved through workshop of product line spray paint, and had proved, be based on what the SMC of Daron® colophony system is using a provision to shape when parameter is machined, won't appear any statified. In addition, daron CF-SMC technology includes a kind of individual freedom base solidify technology, make styrene discharges manufacturing process to decrease considerably, total VOC cost is very low (far the 100µg/g threshold value under indoor application set) , and odour is discharged in VDA 270 be judged to be 3 class in the test. Accordingly, daronCF-SMC can be used at the component inside production. Industrial dimensions is offerred high-powered through force of integrated industry catenary, zoltek, AOC and Astar got cost effectiveness to find program for industrialized production CF-SMC. Minute of bundle of fiber, Astar of Zoltek is right fibrous opens a technology, and the Daron®SMC colophony of AOC, 3 person advantage photograph is united in wedlock, the engineering that studies the component inside project car with Yutukana designs formation CF-SMC and produce, the cost efficiency with the dovish sex, advantageous technology that has powerful mechanical function, mass production and extremely low VOC are discharged, and the design is spent freely wait for a series of advantages. Luuk Groenewoud sums up: The applied direction of SMC of this kind of new-style high-powered carbon fiber still includes “ component of dynamic to load, if engine deputy frame is mixed,turn to a section, this makes the good solution that Daron system will make large quantities of quantities produce prospective car part. ”

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