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Answer material seeks the carbon fiber of empty guest 3D that print smaller cabin stand

2014, the empty guest A350 that a 3D printsBecause XWB bracket connector changed the “ of the production means of plane component part and civil aircraft thoroughly light quantify ” way, thereby ” of award of innovation of industry of selected “ Germany. This part that is used at securing plane wing and engine cannot use conventional technology because of having complex geometrical structure to make, but 3D prints this kind of new workmanship to model its however for reality. This kind of development form that crosses a trade acquired higher quality not only, and have economic value more, promote a gender thereby its batch turns application. Empty customer firm shows, pass conformity the pull current Cheng of these spare partses, 3D is printed make its stronger to supplying the control force of catenary. In the meantime, below moderate production amount, 3D is printed provide cost effectiveness more than conventional technology, and shortened greatly delivery time. In the industry with may uncertain demand, this is a main balance factor. “ is light quantify structural ” to be able to help airline more plane of economic ground operation. New aircraft design needs thousands of flight to check installation bracket, the manufacturing unit amount of these bracket is very little, and add material to make a technology allow stylist to try new structure. Go for years, 3D printed craft and material science to achieve further progress, “ is light quantified ” and “ bionics ” to also point to a new trend. As we have learned, a business uses an aircraft every reduce a kilogram of weight, can reduce 25 tons of CO2 to discharge during its service life, undoubted below the case with honest function meeting drives composite material further light quantified development. Recently, advanced manufacturer Arris Composites disclosed a research that cooperates with empty customer firm, this project is dedicated the production at engine room bracket, the production method that hopes to innovate through using and material (include composite material) those who will realize aviation carbon discharge capacity is remarkable decrease. Arris Composites company developed a kind of technology that calls Additive Molding, through be in thermoplastic in colophony arrange successive fiber accurately, the big lot that won those who have unapproachable mechanical property to issue generation composite material and maturity shapes method, these products have high collect by nature, makes product is solidder than the metal, lighter. Say according to Arris, have the metallic support of 220 grams develop attacks it is OK that after optimizing, 3D of successive fiber composite material is used to print make spare parts weight is reduced 75% to 50 grams. ArrisComposites claims, the new era that the metal replaces has come, machine treatment, 3D is printed, the metal is cast, the product that metallic inject shapes and metallic bag Fu shapes can be replaced by outstanding complex design. Successive fiber + thermoplastic plastic and compound production implementation high strenth and light the batch production that quantifies a spare parts, adopt this kind of new technology, can with with plastic shape the rate with same product produces material of advanced carbon fiber, and carbon fiber component replaces titanium data, can make weight is reduced 78% . The craft of Arris drew the attention of numerous industry, among them a reason is Arris add model to shape the spare parts can compare cast conformity more spare partses, it is the economy that carbon fiber brings is reached on one hand light quantified advantage, it is the advantage that 3D prints brought structural unifinication on the other hand. The process of Arris from dry carbon fiber silk bundle begin, fasciculus passes macerate course beforehand dip becomes adhesive plaster and silk bundle form. Beforehand dip makings belt can be evenness, perhaps can form wants outline form directly. Arris Composites is had beforehand the productivity that dip makings takes, future a development of this technology is makings belt (with silk bundle) send next lifetime to produce move directly. Current, this company offers beforehand dip takes width to be 1 go to 24 inches (make an appointment with 2.5-61 centimeter) . Next, proprietary robot equipment will beforehand dip material semifinished product undertakes shaping, cut puts his modular pitch inside eventually the position. Of the regulation beforehand dip expects after be all set, the mould will close and bring to bear on to composite material quantity of heat and pressure written guarantee with having firm and solidify. In this technology, the mechanism that sets data and shop of automatic adhesive plaster are put and normally the 3D on the meaning prints a process to differ somewhat, the technology of Arris is right beforehand dip makings undertakes shaping, is not solid knot and felt undertake in place. The rate that this kind of means can raise to had shaped beforehand. Such Arris can print successive carbon bundle, twine whole spare parts along the stress vector line of the spare parts. ” of close net figure prints the “ that the structure of the spare parts says with place, the fiber of the spare parts is perforative and whole spare parts. The technology of Arris can make a part more complex, have very high resolution and appearance control capacity. The technology of Arris Composites already won application on many markets, use revolutionary successive carbon fiber to enhance a function to make a product lighter, stronger, more intelligence. On one hand, the solution of Arris Composites satisfied aerospace industry and car to create a field anti-corrosive to seeking, the demand that high strenth and durable fibre glass and part of carbon fiber construction create. On the other hand, the solution of Arris Composites released the innovation latent capacity of consumable and sporting goods brand, make consumptive domain OK will seek new commercial dominant position through raising product function and difference to change.

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