The data of imports and exports of catenary of epoxy resin industry is new in June give heat: From the point of data, the export volume implementation of chloric propane of epoxy resin and annulus oxygen will grow steadily June; The stability of lunar export volume of epoxy resin is in 10 thousand tons of above; A of domestic double phenol supplies insecurity, still maintain “ not to enter the awkward phase that gives ” only.   of   of circumstance of 1   epoxy resin imports and exports June 2021 portion, epoxy resin imports a quantity to be 23683 tons, decrease compared to the same period 34.7% , annulus comparing decreases 16.3% ; Entrance all valence 5031 dollars / ton, the value increases considerably compared to the same period 64.7% ; Epoxy resin exit will measure 11552 tons in June, increase considerably compared to the same period 214% , exit all valence 4610 dollars / ton, the value increases compared to the same period 85.9% . Picture   brief summary: 1, the import volume of epoxy resin has the tendency that drops stage by stage; 2, the exports a quantity to show month by month to increase trend of epoxy resin, in May, successive in June stability of volume of two months export is in 10 thousand tons of above; 3, price of the entrance of epoxy resin, export is poor, narrowing stage by stage. Above trend, with the country core oxygen resinous is produced can expand ceaselessly, the be identical of industry characteristic photograph that the quality of epoxy resin and stability raise ceaselessly. Epoxy resin entrance: Epoxy resin basically will be imported in June from Taiwan and Korea, the gross of two ground is aggregate occupy than be in 64% above; The province of main entrance is the Guangdong of Hua Dong's Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hua Na, volume of 3 provinces import is total occupy than be in 90% above. Epoxy resin exit: Epoxy resin basically will export a purpose to distributing in June relatively even, the platoon is advanced a few is A couplet chief of a tribe, Thailand and United States respectively; The Jiangsu in exporting province is saved alone big, occupy than be in 63% above.   of   of circumstance of imports and exports of A of 2   double phenol in June 2021 portion, volume of import of double phenolic A is 35581 tons 10 thousand tons, decrease compared to the same period 34.2% , entrance all valence is 3198 dollars / ton; Export volume is 5 tons only, exit all valence 8952 dollars / ton (body amount is too small, the price does not have referenced sex) . Height of market of double phenolic A centers home, a of domestic double phenol produced an enterprise to have 9 2020, always produce can although have nearly 2 million tons, but the PC of eliminate enterprise form a complete set and epoxy resin are used up outside, the export volume of actual double phenolic A is less than 700 thousand tons only. The supplier of A of market double phenol is beneficial of only Changchun, benefit China, medium petrifaction is stars of 3 water chestnut, Nantong, medium South Asia of petrifaction Mitsui, peaceful wave (a few) with petrifaction of short for Zhejiang Province (deputy card) 7 enterprises, produce can serious inadequacy, cannot satisfy far downstream 1.9 million tons / year PC mixes 2.3 million tons / year the epoxy resin need to raw material. Enterprise of head of a few double phenolic A, device has transaction a bit, can cause double phenolic A- of value of epoxy resin industry soare. Price of A of domestic double phenol rises greatly this month, drive whole of epoxy resin industry to go up, among them main reason is a few enterprise weak point of short duration jockeys or preparation jockeys the overhaul, cause A of domestic double phenol to supply insecurity, the manufacturer holds out valence mood to upsurge. In the near future, the yield as A of domestic double phenol can be fast outspread, be like 10 thousand China 480 thousand tons / year, Hua Yi 200 thousand tons / year, thalassic chemistry 240 thousand tons / year, Jiangsu luck constant 240 thousand tons / year etc, the situation hopeful that double phenolic A imports prospective home in great quantities gets ameliorative. Double phenolic A imports: Origin of entrance of double in June phenolic A distributings evener, basically center in Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand 4 areas. Double phenolic A imports 3 provinces of the Zhejiang that basically is centered in Hua Dong, Shanghai and Shandong, the 86% above that occupy.   of   of circumstance of imports and exports of chloric propane of oxygen of 3   annulus in June 2021 portion, annulus oxygen chloric propane imports a quantity to be 100 tons, decrease compared to the same period 90% , entrance all valence 1682 dollars / ton; Exit of annulus oxygen chloric propane will measure 7825 tons in June, increase compared to the same period 423% , exit all valence 2062 dollars / ton. Annulus chloric exit: Destination of annulus chloric exit basically is Korea, occupy the 47% above that chloric total exit measures total in June annulus.

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