Price of these two days of epoxy resin is stabilized basically, and raw material ECH/BPA also did not go up now drop, everything is attributed to calm. Believe a Zhou Nai to reach 20 or hind in a day or two, just needed to still have with content shedding, price change is not big; 23 later, just needed to flow with content hardly, wave motion of case of that current price may be largish. This is not what secret any more, the circumstance is placed in that, because epidemic situation is affected, break this year stream early, have a holiday early, cease city is early, the time of 1/3 wanted money without the person January, time of manufacturing business, agency is sad. Know the shipment state of a person of same business today, outside showing nervousness slightly as a result of special situation shipment besides individual plant allegedly, other had alleviated considerably, accept the order to also had tended delicate, tank car is exiguous, bucket outfit still considers some firm to need, predict to also be done not have a few days. Next, before having a holiday till the Spring Festival, may have the order of a bit mothball goods, as to have how many amount, this must see the strength that the factory supports, include plant of double raw material. Go against as a result of this situation pull go up, colophony price is not low, and cost is propped up, drop strength is impossible also very ideal, estimation is hard to achieve former the psychological price of people. 2021 LER annual all valence is in 30900 yuan / or so tons, the share is total in December 2021 month all valence is in 26170 yuan / or so tons. If the LER before the section can the callback arrives 26000-26500 yuan / or so tons a bit lower perhaps, stock up should the risk is not big. But at present price of double raw material stands high above the masses, colophony cost also wants this number almost, let a factory very hard yield benefit considerably, compare awkwardness so. Sudden state is pulled tall colophony price, threw into confusion traditional rhythm, let a person be at a loss a bit. Come to order money at wanting to have, fully how many, what price does it, make a person a bit embarrassed, be forced is benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom, him take into consideration the circumstances held.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City