Golden wind science and technology will be held on April 8 the specification on outstanding achievement line was met 2021, the company leader such as Cao Zhigang of president fierce steel, president attends the meeting. According to exposure, golden wind science and technology bids capacity of onshore fan stand-alone already exceeded 7MW this year; Exceeding 15MW in research and development maritime fan; Large after changing, dynamo of straight drive permanent magnetism divides section of valve, lamina to also be in development; Plan investment builds wind field to add 0.5-1GW every year completely during 945 ” of “ ; The plan realizes abroad to 2025 overall the market is had rate 5% . It is specific questions and answers below: 1. Company strategy develops direction to go up, is long-term metaphase short-term what is the program? Answer: ? Force head of the  in 3 breed of Yi grows permanent teeth? of ス of discharge of  of Xue of aurelian border of fraud of ú of key of  of  of joke of ∑ of ぃ  humorous is broken through, undertake the product innovates continuously, increase what bear carries business to extend, increase digitlization to endow with ability to spend, had made two seas strategy, those who retain international business grow steadily. 2. After 3 years, are middling speed permanent magnetism and straight drive permanent magnetism likely what kind of occupy than? Whether is the company still in high-power fan respect now echelon formation? Investment of company scientific research is larger, how be assessed and to how be assessed and evaluate? Answer: ? Black  Ze dash forward  have a nightmare is spilled provide dinner for foal of  of La of abundant  patch up instructs?7MW of  of all of  of small box of Dong how capture, assume priority discipline of the assume leadership that uncover a list of names posted up, research and development exceeds 15MW maritime fan. Besides conspicuous ” of the “ on the market large change besides, model of control strategy research, own emulation software, 16MW is overall and hypostatic it is more important that testing stand, MP/IPD runs flow to wait with existence camp, it is the core that makes sure the product develops quality and rate, also be the focal point that Jin Feng throws. Large after changing, dynamo of straight drive permanent magnetism divides section of valve, lamina to also be in development, growth of quantity of middling speed permanent magnetism is very rapid, specific occupy more different than main basis market to decide. 3. Whether does company Europe subsidiary have actual strength to be in European area outspread business, complete apanage is changed, strive for bigger market share? What did company internationalization strategy have to wish 2022 scene and program? Answer: ? Ti of  of head of extensive of  of coerce of  of  of  of  of Tao of Lu of big and thick of cent of  foal know climbs exhausted  to thank the market share with larger? of  Yi Song. The company will continue to extend overseas market steadily 2022, to 2025 implementation is divided beyond the market is had rate 5% . 4. Does the trend meet onshore fan this year soar? Maritime see a program very big, if grow 9 years greatly, does the company hold the possibility that the opportunity progresses? These two years, company market has frank meeting to rise or fall? For better offer a product for the market, what did the company do? What to still prepare to strengthen? Answer: ? Juan of entangled of string of play of capture of patch up how sees Xi  I first?2021 of ⒉ of Shou of ┥ of Yu of  of ツ close Lei Ai is maritime exceed 14GW outfit opportunity, maritime this year installation amount predicts to be reduced than last year more, but the quantity with bright maritime the year after next also can increase come up. The company is changed in product of product, electric field of service, quality, wind, apanage, industrial catenary layout made vigorous investment and preparation. 5. Installed capacity of power station rights and interests increases 0.5GW-1GW completely this year, excuse me later 5 arrive 10 years, can installed capacity of power station rights and interests maintain probably what kind of increase rate? Does the company have probably increase rate target? Can you achieve 20% ? How much did the company plan installed capacity of rights and interests to achieve 2030? Answer: ? Red of  Jing string] the quality of asset of? of Rong of the  in back of  of  of ぃ of the 3 ≡ that treat Ran growing permanent teeth mixes  of = of burying Wu of  ⒁ drop efficiency. Plan to add 0.5-1GW every year completely during 945 ” of “ , we are met during 955 ” of “ the metabolic circumstance of the market does the basis to be adjusted accordingly.

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