Guard the whole side deploy of battle as blue sky, pay close attention to environmental protection, stimulative person and natural harmonious evolution are peremptory the management concept that makes all trades and professions and social responsibility. Handling the harmony of good economy and environment to unite is benefit country the important matter of benefit civilian, also be to help the one great power that turns economy to be able to develop continuously. In recent years, industry of our country coating already also entered " to close to with environmental protection transition, seek the important transition period that develops " with green. As we have learned, the relevant company cardinal number of industry of our country coating is large, more dispersive, in environmental protection respect existence administers difficulty coefficient is tall, pollution is discharged outstanding wait for a problem. Colophony serves as the basic raw material of coating, the technical standard in whole industry and environmental protection requirement cannot are likened to, this is having very major effect to producing resinous business, the colophony company ability that writes down protective environment sincerely from beginning to end only creates future with real operation.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Face such trade current situation, limited company of Anhui constant far science and technology (” of Heng Yuan of “ of the following abbreviation) in order to produce per year the productivity of epoxy resin of 45 thousand tons of solid, devote oneself to to make company of the environmental protection that epoxy resin of domestic solid body manufactures bibcock all the time. The export business that Heng Yuan basically runs production of auxiliary of epoxy resin, chemical industry, sale and its product and skill and development of product of series of thinner of epoxy resin active, make, sale, the domain such as the wind phone that the product uses extensively at new energy resources, Gao Tie, car, building. Green is energy-saving development     on May 20, 2020, yellow hill city founds business of section water industry to award card and found business of provincial section water industry to advance can be in Heng Yuan is muti_function hall is held, water of section of 10 city class enterprise waits to undertake awarding a card to commend to Heng Yuan on the meeting, constant far controller also to join meeting personnel to express: Establish section water company, water of perfect red-letter day runs a system, strengthen water natural resources to use the jumping-off place that is an enterprise circularly with new technology, new technology, new facility, heng Yuan will be contended for start provincial section water business, water of farther promotion division enterprise establishs a standard. Heng Yuan of business concept   and shopkeeper of many yellow hill and agent built the collaboration that stabilizes for a long time to concern, pursue “ sincere letter to be realistic from beginning to end, be dedicated to the service, business purpose that begs satisfactory ” only, satisfy client requirement for big limit ground, undertake product innovation and service are improved ceaselessly. In addition, heng Yuan manages the principle of characteristic and small profits but quick turnover with much breed, make rate of produce and sale of solid epoxy resin, market is had rate rank industry front row, those who achieve epoxy resin of coating solid state to produce beneficial result is great change. Upgrade in “ transition, on the way that develops new product ” , heng Yuan never craven. No matter be domestic spending market, still be overseas market, heng Yuan thinks: Deep ploughing and ability of development work along both lines create value for the client. So far, heng Yuan has 32, invent 14 among them, practical 18, have key new product 7, the Anhui province is new and high technical product 12. Participate in establish a standard 7, suffer labour to believe ministries and commissions to hold in the palm, present as leading role to establish the occupation standard of 5 products. Have the honor to win name of product of famous brand of well-known logo, the Anhui province early or late, the honorary title that enjoys ” of research center of technology of project of epoxy resin of the Anhui province of ” of workstation of postdoctoral scientific research of ” of workstation of academician of “ the Anhui province, “ , “ and auxiliary. Mixed 2014 successive 2017 two obtain BASF (Basifu) , the European well-known company such as Lang Cheng initiates TFS (participate in jointly can develop continuously) decoration of silver medal of expression of enterprise society responsibility.

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