Learn via concerning channel, anhui Anqing will add an epoxy resin newly to produce a business again, produce can be 60000 tons / year liquid epoxy resin. From Anqing city rich and understanding of program bureau website arrive, this bureau hangs out his shingle at 2021-05-17 sell one's own things access of a state-owned land, limited company of science and technology of Anhui star new material is gotten with base price contest, with 250 thousand yuan / mu (total prices 10.25 million yuan) clinch a deal. Limited company of new material science and technology established Anhui star on December 3, 2020, scope of operations includes research and development of new material technology; Project material of plastic, chemical industry (taste except chemical danger reach its to make poisonous chemical easily) research and development, make and sell; The production of epoxy resin, sale (taste except chemical danger reach its to make poisonous chemical easily) ; Inorganic salt is made, sale; Chemical raw material and product (taste except chemical danger reach its to make poisonous chemical easily) wholesale, retail; The technology seeks advice from a service. (the item that needs classics approval lawfully, sectional approval is rear related classics can develop management activity) , by Inc. of investment of interest of Anqing flower heart 100% investment are accused. Current, the project is evaluating level at the environment, predict the start inside this year, built go into operation 2022. So far, not complete count, the Anhui province is divided have company of oxygen of yellow hill annulus already group, besides new material of beautiful beautiful of lake of overgrown with weeds, still have extreme of cupreous hill constant 100 thousand tons, abb of cupreous hill be apt to 210 thousand tons, cupreous hill Heng Yuan 110 thousand tons, beautiful beautiful of lake of overgrown with weeds is mixed 200 thousand tons Anqing is sidereal wait 60 thousand tons in produce + build plan to build epoxy resin to produce can close 1 million tons. If build entirely, after will becoming afterwards Jiangsu, the 2nd big epoxy resin of domestic produces base, epoxy resin of large solid body produces base. The yield that increases so much scope newly to home can (the project that Shang Youzheng is planning) , how do you look?

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