Recently, ancient bronze mirror judge attestation center and Feng Nuo (Jiangsu) green of lamina of report of the wind of combination of company of environmental protection science and technology that start reclaims to set an example with application, this is ancient bronze mirror judge take the lead the green of wind phone equipment that hold water reclaims a demonstrative project with applied combine, project plan was opposite first half of the year 2022 northeast of some wind electric field retire blade reclaims processing process undertakes dogging, include spot cut, content shedding to carry, arrange to the factory, rework arrives all segment that make the material that pack, form example of whole process data. In addition, ancient bronze mirror judge the lamina that weaves jointly with Feng Nuo reclaims company evaluation already also completed first draft, plan this year in year release formally. Equipment of phone of our country wind reclaims reach reproducing technology to the standard matures stage by stage and move toward actual application. The wind report large part such as wind rotor lamina reclaims with application it is the collective topic for discussion that the industry is faced with. At present of large to retiring part deal with to be divided roughly use to answer, reclaim, the method such as reproducing, however each square technology course and industrial catenary have not perfect, market regulation still is in exploration phase. Here setting falls, ancient bronze mirror judge business of development of industry of attestation center combination, manufacturer, reclaim the enterprise is initiated establish green of wind report lamina to reclaim with applied combine, outspread to wind report large part the green of each equipment reclaims with application. Inside combine frame, ancient bronze mirror judge with Feng Nuo environmental protection started blade to reclaim the assessment technique of the enterprise is written and 2021 the bottom completes draft, at the beginning of January 2022, ancient bronze mirror judge with Feng Nuo environmental protection signs strategic cooperation agreement, take the lead in retiring with respect to wind electric field of blade reclaim, rework develops demonstrative project; Follow-up, both sides returns product line of equipment of cut of spot of put up with, automation to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation study, lamina of associated work out reclaims the assessment technique of equipment, these act solve exploration blade to extend downstream application further, retire wind report composite material reclaims the general character question with difficulty difficult buy. Not only such, a few days ago ancient bronze mirror judge but committee of experts of second birth energy is prepared held water " large part of wind- driven generation set is answered use and reproducing is current assessment technique " project working group, business of associated designing institute, manufacturer, development, reclaim enterprise, through making wind report large part answers the evaluation standard related in order to and reproducing, equipment of implementation wind phone especially the normative butt joint of in order to of benefit of large part loop and reproducing throw on the market, part of the report that it is wind turns play greatly can effect, dish asset of lively old old part offers a technology to prop up, drive industrial technology to upgrade ceaselessly. Abundant Nuo (Jiangsu) environmental protection ” of Feng Nuo of “ of abbreviation of limited company of environmental protection science and technology, it is Beijing luck and Wei achieve accuse a group division to issue those who devote oneself to wind report lamina to reclaim, the company of cut, omnibus environmental protection with composite material recycle. Environmental protection of Nuo of the abundant plan science and technology that relies on luck and Wei to achieve a group to set, abundant, China north is packed and content of abundant wisdom flows, formed enclothe technical research and development, equipment to make, reclaim cut, reproducing, pack rent the platform of couplet of content of wisdom environmental protection that flows with content of service, wisdom. In wind report composite material domain, its will offer the integral solution that technology, equipment, net carries, hopeful is complete the complete lifecycle value of data of report of closed circuit wind, aid the report that push wind to make 100% modes of life and relation to their environment the green the sources of energy that friendly, 0 pollution can reclaim.

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