Upgrade restrospect to 20 centuries 60 time, american naval dominant the feasibility research that a series of fiber enhance plastic mine dredger. 1969, the hull that was located in the Peterson company of WI to finish 34 Ft to grow in Sturgeon bay is mid the design that checks area and build, in be carried out this, research and development method of design of one a complete set of and technological process. Although people made huge effort, but cannot reply however about creating medium economy and material function problem. The time of use composite material of naval ships of naval surface of United States of   of picture of   of surface naval ships is shorter, but boat of coastal detect a mine date of MHC - 51 is an exception. The weight that can reduce naval ships as a result of composite material, decrease build, maintain the cost with whole lifecycle, navy of close United States is right the interest of composite material grumous with each passing day. Navy is in in the consideration basically suffer with secondary on load structure make month of composite material, be like hull, superstructure and baseplate, mechanical component: Conduit, valve, pump and heat exchange a system; Attachment: Grille, stair, pillar, ventilating duct and rubbish processing system. The development that these application had promoted relevant research and prototype with test and verify standard of behavior of allowance of its producibility, cost effectiveness, loss, moistureproof sex, invalidation, design is mixed the function in fire. In certain domain, the need of special war also drove composite material marine to use. Navy of coastguard cutter   has a large number of alongshore special battle a light boat, basically be labor force uses naval provision. In 1965—1973 year, american navy made coastguard cutter of more than 500 inland river. These 32 Ft have pottery and porcelain on hull of long glass reinforced plastics armor and use can be in shallow water the gush water of the voyage boosts a system. Naval glass reinforced plastics of not all United States patrols the boat obtained very good economic benefits. 20 centuries 80 time are inchoate, to support air force of American sea land (SEAL) , what Uniflite built 36 to use triumphant husband of / of glass reinforced plastics to pull is special battle coastguard cutter, these a light boat exited the market after. The Sea Viking is one kind grows those who be 35ft, equiped the much task of missile patrols boat. This project sufferred very big design and capital problem, the weight that includes a ship increased not acceptability extent, those who bring about it make trade the RMI dockyard of SanDiego exited the market. Smuggler dockyard of Sweden built similar ship since 1971. The ship-owner of this boat includes Swedish navy and Indian coast posse. The history that navy of United States of Willard Marine force and United States Coast Guard make shipping had had more than 30 years. Since 1980, this factory built about 700 ships according to book of standards of many 70 government. According to norms book, what Willard dockyard uses is traditional create a method: It is to use handmade method to make solid state perhaps be placed almost layer upon layer combine material, use macerate machine sometimes. They use the space of 50 000 Ft2 effectively, use the manufacturing management method that close, produce 100 every year, make the company maintains the management of long-term stability. This company basically produces ship of He Fan of houseboat of personal for emergency use, the scientific research ship that includes 125ft to grow and 18 what the commerce on the market sells now, 22 grow with 24ft aerate boat. 1988, american navy and Iran are in the conflict of Persian Gulf, its warship got the menace of gunboat of Iranian revolution armed escort. In capture after a such boat, american navy uses this boat to train littoral in San Diego. After the ability that realises boat of this kind of dimension adequately, american navy is surprised, thinking to spend money for this kind of shipping is worthiness. And after American navy realises its carry out the ability of the task, begin to purchase this kind of ship for unit of special type shipping. In exploration this kind of shipping backs an aspect to naval, american navy goes at the back of what Europe travels together a little. A lot of do not choose development to have coastal waters to fight the navy of ability, choose fast reshipment armour to patrol however boat. What 100 Ft controls is fast patrol the boat is offerred have stronger function and endurance than ” of small “ cigar shipping. To support sea land empty army, the United States is dominant of shipping of utility of Mark V special type nearly design a contest. The ship that Halter Marine offerred a composite material the body of a ship that has exterior airscrew and an aluminium that have gush water to advance make the shipping of hull. Peterson built an aluminium to make catamaran. The course comes from American Tarnpa, of the McDill air base of FL special after the battle group test in Mexican bay, aluminium makes hydrojet propelled boat by pitch on. Although be repaired to what composite material hull did not come,one Zhai is anxious, this test evaluates a likelihood to consider more it is function, consider hull material less. Have an interesting appearance, the great majority ship that checks by this group namely then is built with glass reinforced plastics.   of naval ships of thunder of turn one's coat is in 1984 financial year, american navy and shellfish Er aviation (company of Bell Aerospace) Textron (present TextronMarine) signs a contract, in design and building 14 mine dredger. These hull are the boat of monomer of glass reinforced plastics of technology of use surface effect. The test shows, these shipping cannot resist explosive concussion, and redesign also failed. Picture     1986, intermarine USA company wins a contract, so that its carry warfare system of the United States,research makes proper change to Lerici class shipping. Lerici class shipping is long for 50 M, use ply to arrive from 1 In the carapace of monolayer a light boat of 9 In, use the erect that do not have bone plan. The Intermarine of Savannah USA company and Avondale dockyard are built for American navy by pitch on the shipping of this level. Current plan asks to produce mine dredger of class of 12 fish hawk (Savannah produces 4, avondale produces 8) . No matter be structural respect,still create a field, italian design is studied extensively by American navy. The requirement of the warfare system that considers the United States, broken cabin and complete stability, vibration and noise, the design of Lerici class made huge change. Build detail: All glass enhance what main structure uses is E- glass. What hull, horizontal bulkhead and board use is density those who be 1.4 Kg/m2 is woven roving cloth. Spun is woven roving cloth is to use direction of roving edge woof to increase, and roving is tufted. With the tradition woven roving cloth photograph is compared, this kind of processing has the appearance like fiber nap, rose repeatedly the shear strength between. The material that makes “Rovimat” by a kind builds upside structure, this kind of material is by discontinuous string mat suture arrives woven roving cloth and of composition, use fifty to use the macerate machine that turn (close in the layer use in the process) seam this two layer fabric in order to improve its performance. The density of Rovimat is 1200 G/m2 (the mat weight of 400 G/m2, of 800 G/m2 woven roving cloth weight) . Colophony uses advanced course to add the benzene between pliable but strong 2 (armour) acid is marine polyester colophony. This material by special make up piece have tall tenacity, in order to resist the concussion load of certain level, can satisfy create a demand. Fat of this synthesis material won't resemble other polyester synthetic resin having the feature that brittleness ruptures euqally, this makes its are in bear excellent performance is had when underwater explosion is pounded. The layer closes after material knits roving cloth photograph to be united in wedlock with the machine that spin battle, its are had fight goodly vibration and fight concussion ability. Resinous is made up be optimized in order to improve producibility. Important is long, the gel time of small radiative amount (be as long as 4h) and substantially prolate time uses the cohere function with main generation. Come for years, sweden and Italian navy build mine dredger with composite material all the time. During mine dredger of Swedish research composite material, royal navy, United States navy studies Australia of Swedish navy combination concussion load. The concussion load action that imitate torpedo explodes is on board case, in order to study stand-by fiber strengthens plastic material and shipping structure. For example: The framework that ● different figure and different high / width compare; ● epoxy resin frame; ● gush adds figuration material; The layer of the ruffle since ● combines material; The clip duramen of the interlining density with different ● and ply expects; Of ● different type repair; The weight bracket on ● board case and frit are deep; ● is developing the adhere power that hits fire prevention layer; The effect of surface of ● double music; ● bolt lives frame and do not have bolt to live the reduced scale of framework board. The structure has the interlining of glass reinforced plastics of the material of rigid bubble with filling that many test proves not to have framework to fight concussion load ability goodly, can build a good ship to enhance nautical viability power. Concussion test of Sweden considers to prove to become when the design is reasonable, composite material can bear and abate big concussion load. Although the design of structure of mine dredger interlining and performance issue had been solved, but mine dredger of great majority new custom-made uses construction of monolayer thick housing. Be located in Morgan, the airship company of LA basically is the dockyard that builds aluminium and steel structure. Contract of naval of portion and one Egypt created this dockyard to create the opportunity of composite material boat. This kind of boat of 3 I00ft already consign. Because the engineer of this project is American navy to be mixed in resource,studied working respect to provide a lot of helps, make the United States naval composite material structure is built to become a possibility in the dockyard of medium dimensions. Chimney of composite material production shipping also is in component part   inside the research range that place of fleet of American naval surface makes, the shipping component that is not structural sex also is being considered to use composite material to replace. The bulkhead of sex of advanced blame structure of two kinds of types is in the United States use on vessel of naval naval vessel: One kind is to have the aluminium of the aluminous thin plate that make a range to make beehive structure place form; Crust of glass reinforced plastics of glass of a kind of E adds place of interlining of fragrant black silk ribbon to form. American naval surface fights center and Carderock contract of the composite material foundation of side of a side make an item. Open design competition attracted manual laid, colophony to deliver moulding, pull crowded figuration and fiber to twine wait for the proposal book that is window. The fiber that refers by Brunswick Defence company twines built prototype by pitch on, cong Mou is planted will look on degree, this plan by the reason of pitch on it is its workmanship suits long-term production more it seems that. This foundation passed concussion test successfully. The composite material on ship vessel advances an axis to be in by research and development, hold shipping gross weight in order to replace the big and heavy steeliness of 2% advances an axis. The axis that glass and carbon fiber enhance epoxy resin composite material and traditional steeliness axis photograph can reduce the weight of 75% than predicting, and have anti-corrosive, have inferior bearing load, reduce magnetic feature, can resist fatigue, bigger flexibility, good vibration more damp and there is the advantage such as lesser use cost inside complete lifecycle. 1966, american navy studied Shui Yiting's advantage. A light boat of ala of water of sex of American naval experiment (PCH -1)Highpoint is used to study as what reduce weight respect. Compare with HY80 steel photograph, use glass reinforced plastics can reduce the gross weight of 44% , use titanium alloy can reduce the gross weight of 36% , use HY130 steel can reduce the gross weight of 24 Peng. In 20 centuries 70 time metaphase, unit of the control flap of composite material of one epoxy resin and box bridge undertook the black lead with American advanced to the application on Shui Yiting navy evaluate. Navy of close United States uses the project Portant; of composite material on machinery ">



The current situation

Series of standard is centrifugal water pump

Get used to what naval standard designs to be able to buy a gender; Exchangeable pump component; Rise function and raise the dependability that soaks composite material component.

According to the contract with IDP, prototype had begun production in March 1992.

Glass reinforced plastics provides road system

Development technology base and design are normative in order to be in 150FOFall with the circumstance of 200psi, of old in be not important system rate use data of conduit of MIL-P-24608A glass reinforced plastics; The copper in reducing complete lifecycle - the cost that nickel and steel are corroded in seawater and produces.

Finished a design to carry out a manual, centralized process explains and coach. Undertaking fire prevention keeps apart material to optimize.

Composite material is bulbiform a powerful person

Development suits to be in 150FOIn leaving metal and metalloid pipeline system with 200psi, and defend the work little, the bulbiform a powerful person that cost can accept and flow valve.

The assessment in the lab of commercial valve already was finished; Evaluate on the boat in undertaking; Had completed the politic analysis of its ocean utility.

Conduit of composite material airiness

Research and development won't be corroded, the composite material conduit with fireproof, light weight, be corroded the galvanization steel tube of the harm and aluminous canal increasingly badly in order to replace.

Used last in surface boats and ships in Feburary 1993, the attempt is installed on CG-47 class FY95; GLCC shows level to optimizing treatment process and function of fire prevention sclerosis.

Tie-in of machine of composite material flexibility

Develop weight the composite material flexibility of light, anti-corrosive, damping is mechanical pedestal.

Composite material prototype passed Gao Chong to attack function to check, adjacent finish, the stretchy test below load circumstance waits in asking to be mixed in light load.

Engine of composite material derv

Develop composite material of model of use metal, polymer, pottery and porcelain have weight the diesel engine of feature of light, low magnetism.

ONR, GLCC and manufacturer of private diesel engine comprise a group to accelerate research and development.

Composite material advances an axis

Development weight is light, anti-corrosive, OK undertake acoustics advance an axis with what magnetic feature optimizes.

Part of composite material of AOE of big external diameter, short axis, 50000 horsepower has passed lab test, the result is encouraging.

Impeller of case of composite material nut, bolt, ladder, furnace, screen, water pump

The steel that processes industry to develop composite material to go up in order to solve contamination box and plane board for American chemistry and copper - nickel corrodes a problem for a long time.

According to 2-5 year experience, the component on great majority boat scored a success.

Shipbuilding industry accepts the order the quantity is successive 3 years the 2nd, 7 years, the market with baronial, broad future is having dimensions taller composite material and product requirement; The composite material application of shipbuilding industry is in start level, composite material product demands exceeds supply, achievement of more forward position science and technology repeatedly wait for industrialization. Implement 945 programs to be carried out in the round, drive shipping and catenary of industry of marine project composite material to optimize upgrade, study communicates craft of the advanced technique of domestic and international shipping and marine project composite material and goods, forward position and tendency of the market, branch of a light boat of boat of shipping industry guild and answer ability network is on March 2022 27-29 day in Guangdong? Zhuhai sponsors forum of “2021 shipping and height of application of marine project composite material and plant site to demonstrate to groom jointly the expert scholar deepness that meeting ” invites shipping and marine engineering field discusses communication, stress study communicates current situation of technology of this domain composite material, application current situation and market development trend.

This second forum theme is " shipping quantifies " as gently as marine project. Forum will make trade report by secretary-general of branch of a light boat of boat of shipping industry guild, invite famous boat look forward to scholar of expert of place of courtyard of technologist, scientific research makes professional report, make delegate attending the meeting understands this domain composite material objectively to use the current situation deep, say a technology, talk about application, analyse market, compose builds ” of market of terminal of — of equipment of — of goods of — of material of a “ not to have the entire industry catenary that seams a butt joint to optimize platform. The achievement of scientific research of goods of partial composite material that forum still plans to reveal school of domestic scientific research, build case grind produce butt joint platform, be helpful for an enterprise carrying a design on the head to reach adjust a program, lead dominant position is held in competition of market of domestic systemic circulation.

In the meantime, houseboat of ship of river dragon boat, sunbird still sees arrangement during forum two boats look forward to, the spot learns the manufacturing process of composite material goods. Invite sincerely expert of domain of domestic and international composite material, scholar, entrepreneur and industry colleague to arrive at congress, conspire answer material new tomorrow.

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Congress topic for discussion

Composite material is in Bo fine shipping and current situation of application of marine engineering field and trend

Carbon fiber composite material uses the current situation and opportunity in shipping and marine project

Shipping progress of research and development of each component new material and information of international forward position

Shipping and design of innovation of product of marine project composite material and industrialization study

Low cost of shipping composite material is efficient manufacturing current situation and development trend

Shipping composite material produces a mould to design production research

Shipping and analysis of market of marine project composite material and trend

Shipping and achievement of scientific research of goods of marine project composite material reveal a butt joint

Composite material is deep-sea environmental experiment and corrode defend technology

Composite material abandons old ship to reclaim research


Time: On March 27, 2022 - 29 days

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