On August 23, be in Shandong spot of project of unifinication of olefin of low carbon of green of limited company of data of high polymer of farsighted continuous heavy rain, shandong saved high quality to develop major project to build the spot to advance high quality of region of county of autumn of meeting and Zi rich city to develop major project to center start working ceremony to hold Summer 2023, lift a project to build new upsurge continuously.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Regard start working as the delegate, the speech passion of Cui Xuejun of secretary of Party committee of limited company of petrifaction of peaceful of Zi rich Xin, president is insurgent: “ at the appointed time, jointly owned of company put together closes will break through 100 billion yuan, industrial production value exceeds 70 billion yuan, local finance contribution exceeds 1 billion yuan, implementation ‘ give somebody a new lease on life ’ of a Xin Xintai. ”

The Shandong that centers place of start working ceremony this project of unifinication of olefin of low carbon of green of limited company of data of high polymer of farsighted continuous heavy rain is catenary of industry of characteristic of C3 of focusing of group of Xin peaceful petrifaction, C4, C6, C9, introduce international advanced technique, total investment plans new material of 12 chemical industry and one of unit of special chemical production 16.9 billion yuan, also be head of small oil of “ of Zi rich focusing, big change structure of industry of end ” chemical industry reincarnately, high, optimize the layout, surveyor's pole project that promotes energy level.

“ this project always invests 5.1 billion yuan, use international banner technology, main product is propane of oxygen of phenol, acetone, annulus, additional cost competition ability of tall, market is strong, battalion will be driven to receive 7.778 billion yuan after go into operation building by 2024, increase profit tax newly 2.28 billion yuan. After 7 projects build group of Xin peaceful petrifaction entirely, can increase production value newly 25.8 billion yuan, profit tax 4 billion yuan, reduce carbon dioxide effectively to discharge 600 thousand tons at the same time, to realize green development of low carbon high quality provides driving kinetic energy. ” Cui Xuejun introduces.

This project plans at “ 945 ” end builds go into operation group by group, year can increase industrial production value newly 25.8 billion yuan, implementation profit tax 4 billion yuan, make up for industry of region chemical industry further short board, aid push an enterprise to build a “ to arrive from crude oil refine fundamental industrial chemicals, mix to new material of high-end chemical industry again the characteristic industry catenary of special chemical ” .

This year on January 5, project of unifinication of olefin of low carbon of green of Zi Bo Ruilin designs contract autograph to make an appointment with a ceremony to be held in the edifice that surpass a vessel. This project builds the ground to save Zi rich city to face Zi area for Shandong, 240 thousand tons of acetone of 350 thousand tons of phenol, double phenolic A can be produced per year after project put into production, the Bo Ruilin that it is Zi chemical industry builds resource managing model, the environment is friendly model, enterprise of bibcock of industry of technical innovation petrifaction, make contribution for region economy and local society progress.

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