Recently, limited company of new material of Tang Shanxu this world 300 thousand tons / year nylon 66 reach project of project of form a complete set to save area of garden of chemistry of area of pasture of the wife of a prince of Tang Shan city Cao to hold start working ceremony in Heibei. It is reported, this project always invests 13.6 billion yuan, the project always covers an area of 1721.7 mus, floor area 208758 square metre, basically build 300 thousand tons / year nylon 66, 200 thousand tons / year hydrocyanic acid, 300 thousand tons / year oneself 2 nitrile, 300 thousand tons / year oneself 2 amine, 150 thousand tons / year annulus personal alcohol, 200 thousand tons / year oneself 2 acid, 250 thousand tons / year synthetic ammonia. 300 thousand tons of nylon produces body year after year after building 66, sulfur ammonium (solid) one hundred and fifty-nine thousand six hundred tons, 2 amine of methylic the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem 56 thousand tons, oneself 2 amine one hundred and forty-three thousand one hundred tons, annulus oneself alkyl thirty-four thousand seven hundred tons, ammonia water twelve thousand two hundred tons, binary acid thirteen thousand two hundred tons produce can. This project already saved office of safe production council to issue at obtaining Heibei on May 28, 2021 " the case that about “ double dot chemical industry of one great ” builds project safe admittance to examine an opinion jointly " (Ji An appoint handle case [2021] 68) .

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