SMC and BMC are function of production market structure and surface bright and clean quality at an organic whole pledge largely, gently and the good composite material of complex part, because this is used at wide terminal application market by increasing ground. Current, alliance of European SMC, BMC is being rolled out a series of design manual, with how using these muti_function data to stylist explanation, and the production that how realizes bigger batch. From the coffee machine of family expenses and cooking utensils, the automobile body face plate on the electric equipment ark to the street and car, come a few years, SMC and BMC live with ours all the time be closely bound up. In these application, and in countless other application, SMC and BMC are the metal is mixed all the time thermoplastic plastic competitive, can last replace data, for all that, a lot of stylist and manufacturer did not make full use of however the profit that these composite material bring. The bridge receives SMC of function     and BMC to be able to be considered as fill steel and thermoplastic plastic the blank between. They offerred lighter than the metal weight for the component, but offerred again at the same time than a lot of thermoplastic plastic higher intensity and stiffness, this complex to appearance part, it is wonderful choice. SMC and BMC can be considered as fill steel and thermoplastic plastic the blank   between uses SMC or BMC, can design a height complex muti_function component, in order to replace 20 ~ 25 steel component. This kind weighs the ability of means conformity component with decreasing, had been been by successfully application in a lot of designs, include the boot lid of the car, door and front module. Help you design good part   to had designed the part of a SMC or BMC, it is the job that designs a group not just. The design must satisfy the requirement that uses pair of functions, in the meantime, as far as possible efficient and economic land production part is crucial also. Design, material, mould and the collateral development that produce technology are successful key. Reach the common problem of production respect to solve concerned SMC and BMC component design, provide a few practical skill at the same time, with ensuring these are muti_function the success of material applies, alliance of European SMC, BMC is rolling out a series of design manuals. The design of SMC or BMC component is the job that designs a group not just, as far as possible efficient and economic land production part is crucial also Joan Montobbio of chairman of allied board of directors of SMC of   Europe, BMC expresses: Material of “SMC, BMC is well-known on industry, and more and more person discovery, they can provide perfect balance between function and cost. Through offerring how the experience of beautiful use SMC and BMC, we believe, we can help stylist make full use of these are muti_function the advantage that material can offer. ”The problem such as the cost of mould of the element that design of the design defect with the process of guideline general discussion design, potential design of series, mould needs to consider, SMC and in-house production or exterior production.

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