Recently, akesunuobeier announces to enlarge in-house colophony to produce can investment plan, drive a company to side with “Grow&Deliver” strategy goal strides steadily. Current, should produce can outspread plan to already began to carry out. This project aims to seek relevant opportunity, solution to lock up more value, enhance the ability of company autarky. Predict 2023, this investment will be before amortize of interest duty depreciation profit (EBITDA) respect brings 15 million ~2000 the help of 10 thousand euro. According to introducing, this action will conduce to company compose building resist supply discontinuous capacity, also be implementation company at the same time established and financial goal and the target decreasing carbon that supplies chain in the light of upper reaches makes important contribution. In addition, this investment plan and A overcome Sunuobeier's “People, planet, paint” can develop a plan to agree continuously, the carbolic discharge capacity that realizes catenary of will whole 2030 value to help power company decreases to be able to last of 50% development target provides important support. This target is based on scientific program, had gotten carbon initiates official attestation of the organization be decreasinged scientificly, and with " Parisian agreement " 1.5 ℃ are lukewarm accuse a target to keep consistent. Michael Friede of official of business affairs of banquet of high-powered paint business expresses Akesunuobeier: “ colophony is applied extensively at our each business domain. Although we can pass oneself to produce contented major colophony to supply demand, but special colophony still needs heavy goods etc to be purchased from tripartite. In the meantime, invest in-house colophony to produce further can can grow those who conduce to business continuously, it is product of innovation of our research and development and implementation to be able to develop a target to provide strong support continuously. ”

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City