Akema affirms pressing plan the new plant project that pushs island of Singapore abundant corridor, will this project begin production first half of the year at next year amino 11 acerbity monomer and Rilsan of its flagship product? Polyamide 11 (PA11) high-powered polymer, this means PA11 of A division Ma to produce can will promote 50% . The producer goods of this factory will 100% come from but seed of second birth castor-oil plant. After the project is finished, singapore factory will be become on big live thing base monomer and polymer conformity factory, use technically at producing high-powered polymer. Akema is 450 million euro about in the total investment of Asia-Pacific area, the downstream polyamide that still includes to be opposite among them is produced can investment. This investment is high-powered biology base the strong growth demand of circular secondary material provided support. Rilsan? PA11 applies the superior performance of the domain to be famous in in exceeding Yan Ke with its, if car of new energy resources, 3D is printed,drove greatly and product of consumable, electron, motion is tasted and can last what increase a field quickly lifestyle market the development of the solution.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City