On Feburary 28, akema finished pair of Yashenlan (Ashland) of high-powered adhesive business buy, this company is the leader of domain of American high-powered adhesive. This indicates Ma is in an A division it is important that side of business of its adhesive solution strode aggrandizement one pace, accord with the strategy of the group completely also at the same time, become material of pure particular kind to produce business to 2024 namely. Depend on extensive core technology and well-known trademark, ashland high-powered adhesive is the important participator that controls quick glue territory, mix in car and architectural adornment, protection especially the mark sticks velar respect. In addition, its also hold lead position in structural adhesive domain, offer a series of flexible package to use adhesive product. This high-powered adhesive business has about 330 stuff, 6 produce platform, basically be in North America. The sale 2021 predicts to be 360 million dollar about, EBITDA (before interest duty depreciation and amortize) profit margin exceeds 25% . Buy this for Bostik wave person glue is mixed in commerce, technology situation respect offerred outstanding complementary sex, will aid force to enlarge its product range, it is him fixed position the important participator of high-powered industry adhesive. Be being bought this is the company value that is based on 1.65 billion dollar, namely 2026 EBITDA (the profit before interest duty depreciation and amortize) 8.7 times (calculating in the near future anticipate growth is mixed beforehand appraise holds sale after the synergism of 12.5% ) . As Bostik wave person glue implementation maintains the crucial milepost that grows grand target strong for a long time, buy this also make its will 2024 EBITDA (before interest duty depreciation and amortize) the eye demarcate of profit margin is 17% above.

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