On October 19, 2021, in the spot of congress of Beijing international wind energy and exhibition, wind energy announces Ai Ermu formally: Will begin to produce the blade of the 46000th wind- driven dynamo that its are in in Fujian factory, this is to regard the blade of wind- driven dynamo that has banner place as design and manufacturer, in successful operation another important milestone of 20 years. With exhibit with what see as one used to do the meeting is different, wind energy of moxa Er Mu will be in to congratulate an enterprise operation activity of 20 years of celebration runs paralell to it, the shape up that aims to be company level sex is worth the footnote of engrave below the picture. Suffer in this equipment on the anniversary celebration that fix eyes upon, we and in this paragraph extraordinary and itinerary in colleague of the lead that gives Ai Ermu wind energy great support, industry and media friends, be witnessed jointly and celebrated hour of this one history, special invite Denmark to be stationed in China ambassadorial Mr Ma Lei, but second birth the sources of energy learns wind energy only appoint Mr Xu Gang attends vice-president of the sources of energy of general manager of business of fan of vice-president of science and technology of meeting secretary-general Mr Qin Haiyan, Jin Feng Mr Li Fei, distant view this second activity. Denmark is stationed in China ambassadorial Mr Ma Lei went 20 years to convey high self-identity and praise in obtained result to Ai Ermu wind energy, make a speech: We are “ to Aiermu is designed in lamina of wind- driven dynamo and make the success that the respect gains feel proud, they are in build have many lamina plant and have powerful group, in order to support transition of the sources of energy. Can of wind energy of moxa Er Mu says is He Dan wheat is popularizing wind-force to generate electricity development domain, support realizes carbon to counteract the outstanding example of the respect such as the target. ”But second birth the sources of energy learns wind energy only appoint Mr Qin Haiyan expresses meeting secretary-general: “ serves as early the international blade business that enters wind cable market, the develops place to make contribution that wind energy of moxa Er Mu is wind cable industry in 20 years of in the past is worth affirmation. Lamina of wind energy of moxa Er Mu is had through introducing design and make a technology revolutionarily, fill the market is blank, created obtain employment opportunity, promoted occupation standard, support the bitter fleabane break out of wind cable market actively to exhibit. Lamina of wind energy of Mu of hope moxa Er braves the wind and waves then in wind cable market, innovate again tall. ”Mr Li Fei says general manager of business of vice-president of golden wind science and technology, fan: Wind energy of “ Ai Ermu and golden wind science and technology have friendly collaboration of more than 10 years in mainland and international market, also be the blade partner with golden wind early science and technology and one of important lamina suppliers, offerred huge support and help to Jin Feng's development. Wind energy of Mu of hope moxa Er makes persistent efforts, develop technology, possibility and position dominant position, and can market of farther press close to, make due contribution for double carbon target and development of new energy resources and gain greater success! ”Celebration ceremonially, mr Xu Hui of vice-president of operation of Ai Ermu district expresses: “ is current, we are in build have 3 plants, have advanced production technology, they are located in Heibei, Tianjin and Fujian respectively, employee sum total exceeds 3000 people, it is ceaselessly maritime offer high quality lamina with market of onshore wind cable. We will continue to reinforce the strategic ability that be in and companionate concern, industry of further support wind energy grows, aid force to achieve goal of clean the sources of energy, expect to continue to be in hand in hand with each partner at the same time wind report domain achieves innovation and breakthrough ceaselessly, make more green, brighter future. ”About future, place of Olivier Fontan of apparitor of banquet of wind energy of Mu of Er of moxa of no less than says: We are “ to felt 20 years proud in taking success in the past, these achievement witnessed wind report of installed capacity jump considerably litre. In the constant growth of business, the massive effort that should be attributed to us to realize place of field of target of its cleanness the sources of energy to make in help client. We present key is a few years in future, with the partner together, make longer, more efficient blade with the means that can last, will satisfy what grow increasingly but demand of second birth energy. ”Solid and dovish, arrowy annals goes all out in work, as the development of business, the determination of wind energy of moxa Er Mu to market of service wind energy more and more certainly, will falling 20 years, even hundred years, innovate through what last and but durative development, provide high grade product and reliable service for more client ceaselessly. Be located in wind energy enterprise of Denmark as headquarters, the market of main wind energy that wind energy of moxa Er Mu is in 14 areas all is built have a plant, include: Brazil, Canada, , France, India, polish, Spain, Turkey and United States. Be in early actually began 1978, wind energy of moxa Er Mu devotes oneself to wind energy project study, already produced more than 241000 blade up to now, this is equivalent to exceeding the outfit aircraft capacity of 121GW, have what can reduce 251 million tons carbon dioxide discharge capacity every year to exceed strong actual strength. 2001, wind energy of moxa Er Mu built a manufacturing base in fierce clear developing zone, be in quiet town of area of Chi of treasure of island of emperor of Xinjiang, the Qin Dynasty, Jiang Yin, Tianjin, Fujian Province blessing to build a plant in succession subsequently. Reached 2009 2017, division agency and area investment limited company are in Beijing and Tianjin to hold water respectively. 2018, wind energy of moxa Er Mu becomes home of wind cable industry to realize the enterprise that carbon counteracts. As 2021 the completion put into production of Fujian factory, wind energy of moxa Er Mu will strengthen his to supply the position in catenary in wind cable industry further. This factory will devote oneself to to produce train in excess specified length and the blade of wind- driven dynamo that has market competition ability, transfer to clean the sources of energy quickly, carbon of “3060” of the implementation that help strength neutralizes a goal.

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