Recently, ai-Carbon Co of company of venture capital investment. Ltd announces external, the company already developed a kind of carbon fiber to reclaim new technology, can have sick at heart only through what undertake below normal temperature - alkaline law increases from carbon fiber plastic (CFRP) in depart and reclaim carbon fiber. At present company tentative plan can use his at noting model to shape, powder of abrade carbon fiber, without spin the domain such as cloth, this company is seeking further progress jointly with the client. In this new-style reclaim in the technology, reclaim processing can be in temperature not prep above undertakes below the condition of 80 ℃ , answer debit law photograph to compare with other CFRP convention, this is a kind of very good microtherm processing program. If electroanalysis,in traditional method the method also needs to undertake pretreatment, and most colophony passes heat treatment eliminate. But this are new craft does not need to undertake pretreatment, because this is right the influence of carbon fiber is minor.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
A of this new technology revolutionary advantage depends on, group of a nitric acid radical is added in carbon fiber surface through saltpetre acid treatment, carbon fiber is in go up somehow can crystallize, make its solidder than original product thereby. In the test that has this kind of processing to original product, discover tensile strength raised 20 % to arrive 30 % . Current, the raw material that when reclaiming, uses is beforehand dip makings, its matrix origin from beforehand dip feed mill and shape of the factory not composition of solidify epoxy resin. This makes it and polyamide (PA) the bending strength that colophony had particularly good consistence —— to improve long chain PA, PA6 and PA66, below certain circumstance, the test result here is taller than primitive CFRP product 50 % . This company still devotes oneself to exterior modified, with improvement and polypropylene (PP) consistence. Ai-Carbon also is considering to undertake recycle to the matrix colophony of purify. Once pass soda acid processing, the molecular quantity of epoxy resin can be reduced, turn nitrobenzene into phenol. Next, this company is seeking the possibility that its use, include to use as agent of annulus oxygen solidify. Ai-Carbon also is studying a kind of place when reclaiming uses the technology of nitric acid, this will reduce cost and the effect to the environment further.   of business information much dot is located in the Ai-Carbon Co of company of venture capital investment of Japanese Qing Sen county. Ltd. Be dedicated the company that reclaims at carbon fiber, be in early this company ever developed a control to reclaim 2016 the method of carbon fiber length, through this kind new method undertakes mincing processing to carbon fiber, can promote the development that notes model to shape to wait for a domain with concrete consolidate. This company has the special technology that has reclaiming below the circumstance that can not damaging property of carbon fiber physics. The carbon fiber before this reclaims in the technology, after be being handled through undertaking carbonization to CFRP flotsam, undertake electroanalysising coming in the alkaline solution below low voltage and small electric current further purify colophony matrix and size agent. Picture   before the to calcine below the temperature that the technology that heat up solution needs to reach above in 500 Celsius, and Ai-Carbon is based on electrolytic technology to be able to pass feebleminded bad news and low cost treatment to receive advanced carbon fiber back and forth. A when this technology arises new think of a way is beforehand cut beforehand dip makings flotsam, making an appointment with fiber length control 0.5 reach 4 centimeters, use the requirement with the client in order to satisfy. And company of the Ai-Carbon in the new technology that developing nearly realized normal temperature environment successfully to fall to reclaim to carbon fiber, because this specific power consumption and cost can come true,reduce further.

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