It is mature with each passing day that wind report lamina helps crowded bridge technology, because to wind report generation set generates electricity,agent of acid anhydride solidify is well worth doing the capacity asks rise gradually, corresponding lamina dimension also should increase stage by stage, also have higher level to material weight, intensity and stiffness performance demand, in order to is collected in be this to make a process in blade high-powered epoxy resin is matrix, carbon fiber to press carbolic board tomorrow to enhance the pulling of material possible predominate plan.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Methylic anhydride of 4 hydrogen benzene is squeeze through pulling shape craft is made so that wind report lamina uses high-powered epoxy resin base carbon fiber (or fibre glass) the commonly used solidify agent in enhancing composite material, deserve to compare with epoxy resin it is 1:1 almost. Vestas low cost pulls technology of crowded carbon bridge to predict in July 2022 protection expires, predict at the appointed time home pulls demand of crowded carbon bridge to will rise quickly, drive acid anhydride then kind the demand of solidify agent. Additional, with methylic agent of the acid anhydride that anhydride of 4 hydrogen benzene is a delegate solidify can be used at helping crowded technology not only, apply extensively still at doing the electric equipment sphere such as type transformer, transformer, insulator. Our country electrified wire netting invests during 945 ” of “ or will amount to 3 trillion yuan of money, investment of electrified wire netting is greeted quickly period, the demand that we predict to use agent of acid anhydride solidify to electric insulation continues to quicken to the limit of one's capacity in admiral of base of existing fast growth. According to GWEC data, if want to come true clean 2050 0 discharge, annual add wind report newly to install confidential to achieve 280GW. Assume wind report added installation amount 120GW newly 2025, pull permeability of crowded carbon bridge 60% , will increase acid anhydride demand newly 16 thousand tons; The consideration helps crowded technology in the tradition Bo board also is a trend likewise, crossbeam of lamina of integral wind report will exceed 30 thousand tons to the demand of acid anhydride.

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