Check from look forward to investigate know, limited company of car of Zhejiang auspicious embellish (the following abbreviation: Auspicious embellish car) add newly invest external, investment company amounts to dynamical cell limited company for flourishing of Shandong auspicious glad (the following abbreviation: Auspicious Xin Wangda) , investment scale 41.5% . It is reported, auspicious Xin Wangda held water on September 24, 2021, register capital 100 million yuan, the legal representative is Xie Zhilin, flourishing of car of You Jirun of this company shareholder, glad amounts to limited company of group of limited company of electric car batteries, auspicious automobile to comprise, hold respectively 41.5% , 30% , 28.5% . Its scope of operations includes spare parts of batteries sale, car sale of product of wholesale, electron. Limited company of car of Zhejiang auspicious embellish was in peaceful wave city on May 27, 2003 market supervisory management board is registered hold water. Legal representative An Conghui, the research and development that company scope of operations includes car key spare parts, production, promotion and offer relevant after service to wait. Make progress about the collaboration of afore-mentioned companies, we will continue to pay close attention to.

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