Recently, development is reformed appoint hold April press conference, news spokesman Meng Wei expresses, heavy goods rises in price to warm up with inflation, caused each respect to pay close attention to extensively. Look always, this is economy anabiosises gradually, supply demand relations is short-term adjust, liquidity is ample and a variety of elements such as congenial hype interweave the result of action, have repair sex and level sex feature. At the same time we also see, economy anabiosises still not stable, lopsided, two end do not have heavy goods supply and demand occurrence whole sex, trend sex changes, its price does not have the base that rises for a long time.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Current, our country economy already deepness blends in economy, prices goes state of affairs is external on can be affected by exterior element, but this kind conducts an influence is finite on the whole, can accuse. Why to tell so? Basically be to depend on our country powerful home market is propped up, economic progress has enough tenacity and latent capacity, in the meantime, we have enough macroscopical policy space, loop of industrial circulation, market loop, supply and demand is improved apparently, new development pattern is accelerating compose to build. Accordingly, leveling-out moves have solid base. Overall judgement, prices of a period will move in reasonable interval henceforth. Specific to CPI, we can see, food and service are occupied in CPI than tall, and get international factor the influence is minor; In the meantime, industrial consumable produces can enough, supply abundant, market competition is sufficient, price hopeful keeps basic and smooth. Predict CPI goes up compared to the same period this year overall show rise blandly posture, can maintain in less than of target of annual prices adjusting control.

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15-18 December

New York City