Get the European project HELACS that guide by AITIIP technology center, those who aim to develop a kind of work along both lines is integrated decompose a method, the purpose is to be when end of plane service life, can thermoplastic to be being mixed by hot solid sex the aircraft component that composite material makes undertakes classified, reclaim and recycle. Aviation domain can have those who exceed 40 thousand tons every year discard as useless composite material litter enters rubbish to fill bury. Depend on pair of material reclaim, the technology that offers by HELACS will be helpful for transforming to high-energy effect way. Roll out from discard as useless what high value composite material reclaims in plane part is integrated decompose methodological   the research of this project is mainly, development reclaims one kind recycle means, it plants whole syncretic water cut system (use at will heating up solid sex plastic component has optionally mincing into the bulk that suits to reclaim) with a kind heat understands technology (use at be opposite to heat up solid sex matrix to undertake carbonization, in order to realize pair of carbon fiber reclaim use) . To realize water cut operation, a kind of robot technology that is based on machine study is being come out by development. Use tool of a kind of model (Dummy Tool) , can give the moving cut contrail of the robot by one individual mark, next robot clone this contrail, execute the cut operation that uses high-pressured water. On the other hand, HELACS still suggests to use technology of the 2nd kind of resistance welding to come true right thermoplastic of composite material reclaim rework. This technology will be used at tearing open solution plane face plate to be used in order to come true 2 times, because thermoplastic component can fuse again after solid writtens guarantee. The main goal of HELACS project is, will reclaim the level of aircraft component promotes 40% , reduce with the carbolic footmark the plane 50% . The method tearing open solution with revolutionary HELACS will provide necessary tool for this, in order to make aviation industry of future is provided more but durative, can blend in circular economy in. Anyhow, HELACS hope can raise money before 2030 30 million euro, the innovation of whole value catenary that is European aviation industry gives chance of 750 direct obtain employment. The clean sky that this research aids financially jointly in the European Union in 2 projects frame, already had the budget of nearly 2 million euro now, in 4 partners that come from Spain, Belgium and England participate in his. Anyhow, HELACS will promote the new innovation that winds debit way, preserve the value of different aircraft part with old rate land, this is meant can promote competition ability, make Europe is in the lead position of the engineering technology that tear open solution. In addition, this project still will consider how to popularize this kind of method application to produce composite material waste material to other meeting and the industry domain that also needs to enact environmental protection measure afresh, wait like orbit traffic, car and building. Needing what explain further is, although the metal still is the main component of aircraft component, but in the past a lot of in year, aviation industry already began to use new data, if heat up solid sex,match batch mixing. To reduce the waste of this kind of composite material, this domain need reclaims one kind system, so that can be extracted from inside deserted component but the part of repeated usage, be like carbon fiber. HELACS is mixed for material of sex of recuperative heat solid thermoplastic plastic offerred technical solution, this kind of material is developing flourishingly at present, be considered as the material of prospective plane. For this, HELACS put forward a kind to be based on high-pressured water (pressure exceeds 4000 Bars) the craft tearing open solution of alternative cut system, use this technology, can originally heat quality (carbon fiber + epoxy resin) asunder of plane part cut. Next, these fragments pass pyrolysis course (heat without oxygen) and make matrix colophony carbonization, the carbon fiber extraction that will fight chemistry to decompose reaction thereby comes out, those who make is new get using. Sex of the solid that divide heat outside composite material, right thermoplastic the experiment of composite material also is undertaking in, this kind of material will become next generation planes to use the crucial component of aviation component. Be based on the attention of new to these material, HELACS is integrated still technology of aftertreatment of the 2nd resistance welding. Is what this system used the installation in assembling a process to join between face plate interface is in extremely fine (35? M) resistor is webby. Silk screen of this kind of resistor conduces to electric current carrying a part, this solved level depart face plate to offer advantage to be being torn open. As resistor, it can heat fused matrix, dissociative process is finished smoothly. Be attributed to these revolutionary meanses that HELACS project provides, aviation industry aux will be able to finds a kind be used at the plane to dismantle the technical system of the innovation that solve and maintains quite, in order to gift the life with new material.

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