American scientific foundation (NSF) the innovation partner that the university granted Alabama 250 thousand dollar aids financially Xiang Na, can use extensively in order to develop at commercialized high-powered carbon fiber to enhance polymer (CFRP) composite material. This kind of new composite material calls ZT-CFRP, its feature depends on fiber of carbolic accept rice with zigzag arrange between traditional carbon fiber. The machinery of material, electric distributing on all direction inside composite material with thermic load, the electrical conductivity that brings about material thereby increases. This design still increased the strength of ZT-CFRP, make composite material is pounded attaint not easily. ZT-CFRP can serve as beforehand dip makings coils and with beforehand the colophony film that dip makings uses together is made. Of NSF allocate funds the focal point that includes to commercialize, requirement university seeks industrial partner, 5 companies expressed interest to this project: Dong Li, keep Shi Jie racing car, MHP Americas, UST Mamiya and Hexcel. University machinist Cheng teachs Alabama south project controller Xiao Guang decides (Kuang-Ting Hsiao) the doctor says: “ if you introduce this idea, we can anticipate, the plane of use ZT-CFRP, car or sporting goods will be more efficient, reduce manufacturing cost, design and assemble simpler, defter, solidder. Alleviative weight can be used at increasing performance or upgrade recreational option. ”The explanation of Dr. Sebastian Kirmse of project partner MHP Americas says: “ for example, to the car, we provide Gao Shuiping's security for the passenger in effort all the time, reduce weight hard at the same time, reduce specific power consumption thereby. ZT-CFRP can replace aluminium to expect as the select material of chassis. Increase to traditional carbon fiber plastic and character, this is impossible, especially the spare parts of higher to bearing thermic load. ”Further explanation says desolate doctor: The success of this technology reachs “ its can be commercialized use, will potential ground makes all broad users that participate in company and composite material group be benefited. ”“ if this technology proves to be able to be commercialized, may found in all sorts of markets next so start, license, joint ventures and other business are arranged. ”

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