Photograph of carbon fiber composite material relatively at material of metallic Ban gold, its are in anti-corrosive, be able to bear or endure the composite material of fatigue, advantage carbon fiber that waits for a respect than the intensity, quantity that compare a pattern because its superior mechanical performance, in boat the domain such as big aviation, car, new energy resources, military affairs, industry has more and more application. But its design influencing factor is more, if tiny flaw happens below fatigue load action, fatigue fracture, its invalidation form is relatively complex, normally composite material ruptures begin from matrix, expand next interface, the form of its invalidation and real load are varied. Took the place of 1970 and 80 time are inchoate all sorts of military airplanes of research and development (be like F-16, in the design of F-15 and F/A-18 and development process, do not have the requirement of public errand of specific to composite material injury and design standard. Although material of inchoate carbon fiber is remarkable managing weight, enhanced corrosion resistance can, but fatigue injury and crackle are fought between composite material layer not ideal. Exhaustion of high loss impedance, Gao Kang and play attacking scathing allowance to wait is the character that the structural member of high strenth carbon fiber such as the plane needs.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Sweden is new-style of lion of battleplan JAS39 eagle advocate the structure uses carbon fiber / annulus oxygen composite material lamination, although tenacity of carbon fiber itself is very good,weight is 20%   about, but because move ceaselessly,current composite material is in in use process, component of ministry extension instrument may fatigue invalidation, and differ as a result of the itself property of material, we cannot make the characterization on geometry to every material. If be below the conditional environment of damp and hot, the temperature below the fatigue function of composite material and normal temperature and humidity have a lot of distinction, because, the fatigue function of composite material relies on an environment, the matrix in composite material is opposite not only temperature is sensitive, and absorb extremely easily medium water is divided all round the environment.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Additionally composite material itself has advantageous drawing exhaustion character, but the distinction that having essence with the metal, compress load to shut collaboration to use to arriving since the fatigue crackle of metallic structure, and composite material falls in the effect that reduces load, fatigue life is reduced apparently, of fatigue life spend dispersedly ambitious at metallic stuff, cannot use above method to undertake study. As a result of carbon fiber composite material form of its exhaustion invalidation has complexity, its influencing factor has the reason of figuration of cascade of composite material itself not only, its are fatigue at the same time function also the angle of direction of lay up of composite material of be enslaved to be enslaved to and load direction. Open of the each country after 80 years be in to carbon fiber epoxy resin base the test that fatigue injury and crackle refuse between medium layer and research. Current contemporary battleplan contains very tall proportional advanced composite material in the crucial and main structure of the flight, for example B-2 is invisible helicopter of ala of battleplan of advanced tactics of bomber, F-22, F-117A and V-22 coming back. Apply extensively as current carbon fiber and composite material, civil market also is in expand ceaselessly, wait to because material and technology are ceaseless,be in like bicycle of high-end car, athletics update iteration and obtain more innovation likelihood.

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