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Hello, go up Inc. of science and technology of abb new material (the following abbreviation: Go up abb new material) , it is the firm that a dedicated composite material uses resinous research and development, production and sale, SWANCOR 901/CHEMPULSE 901 of company star product (the following abbreviation: On abb 901) roll out oneself up to now, wide all the time suffer reputably, it is a standard type vinyl that provides sexual price to compare extremely ester colophony product, there is wide application in all trades and professions, in the steady work in different corrosion environment, the stability that is an user and safe production escort the Emperor convoy, go up abb 901 it is numerous user friend in equipment select material and project the first selection product of anticorrosive domain.

We notice the near future appeared to making 901 name on the market promiscuous seeing and hearing, cheat the despicable behavior of the user, their apply mechanically the brand of 901, change a concept secretly, use broad user to going up the accredit of 901 earns abb illegal profit, of these undesirable products appear in the abb on attaint 901 fame while, the product that also is broad user is made and follow-up production is used brought safe hidden trouble, here our tell the world:

1, you admit to go up definitely please when buying a product abb 901, of other brand 901 all with on abb new material does not have any relations, character and function cannot get assuring.

2, if you have,encounter dozen of abb on the move the banner of 901 pursues production and sale fake the behavior of the product, contact 021-57747534 with us please, we can give processing in time.

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Go up Inc. of science and technology of abb new material

On October 7, 2023

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