A few days ago, in Shi He child inside area of boreal industry garden, day of group of Xinjiang day trade can promotion of character of colophony of chemical plant pvc and break earth of project of innovation of poor dissimilation development. This project is day trade group innovation of great science and technology is special one of projects, plan in June 2021 complete. Project total investment predicts 24.8 million yuan, divide chloric ethylene to become lukewarm in all adsorptive dehydrate and polymerization reclaim monomer is alkaline wash two parts, the water content that after building, will make chloric ethylene monomer medium falls to 100ppm the following, raise polymerization to reclaim the quality of monomer, can solve rectification tower to get together oneself at the same time jam phenomenon, improve monomer quality, turn performance with PVC thermal stability and model of the treatment after optimizing PVC. As we have learned, day can chemical plant around start technical research and development formerly, achievement of executive science and technology is changed, on original technology base exploration gives quality of promotion colophony product, improve the crucial technology of character of colophony of main product SG5, in substantial product line while, be optimized continuously and adjust product structure, raise colophony high end to apply the market to have rate.

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15-18 December

New York City