On July 27 evening, 10 thousand China chemical (600309) issues half annual report, realized business income first half of the year 2023 eighty-seven billion six hundred and twenty-six million yuan, drop compared to the same period 1.67% ; Net putting in a mother 's charge 8.568 billion yuan, drop compared to the same period 17.48% .

Announcement shows, demand of global polyurethane market keeps balance basically compared to the same period first half of the year, annulus picks up than be in posture, but price of global oil gas is exalted first half of the year fall after a rise, domestic demand restores to anticipate not as good as, produce newly still can be in concentration to release period, make ability of gain of petrifaction industry whole is squashed apparently.

In produce can concussion, demand is added fast put delay below adverse setting, 10 thousand China chemistry holds to produce and sale to cooperate with on one hand, product structure is optimized, fall this synergism; Add the resource dredge between powerful nation inside and outside and area on the other hand, lower the price concussion, optimize content to spread cost, aggrandizement market force.

The sea connects negotiable securities analysis to say, begin from 2022, the benefit of fluctuation You Ying of petrifaction industry already appeared differentiation. This year first quarter, net profit shows petrifaction industry whole to glide compared to the same period condition, among them exploitation of upriver oil gas, oil takes equipment board piece still maintain grow compared to the same period; In downstream petrifaction, material board piece gain has larger promotion space.

Face petrifaction board piece what what be faced with is periodic adjust, 10 thousand China the business structure that chemistry also extends oneself actively first half of the year this year, business of blame tradition area was developed in careful chemical domain. 10 thousand China chemical announcement says, as the put into production of project of A of company double phenol, 10 thousand China form a complete set of catenary of chemical PC industry is more perfect, market share and gain ability promote further. In addition, the company also is advancing flavor of POE, citric aldehyde, essence to wait for process of burgeoning business industrialization steadily.

10 thousand China chemical analysis says, what at present industry of our country chemical industry finished a large amount of current data already basically is homebred change, however if new material of high-end chemical industry is high-end polyolefin, special project of colophony, special type the product such as stuff of film of plastic, high end still is given priority to with the entrance. Wait as car of report of smooth hot season, wind, new energy resources, VR/AR strategical the demand that the high speed of burgeoning industry develops new to chemical industry material rises ceaselessly, the industry will welcome new development good luck period.

In level of research and development, 2023 first half of the year, 10 thousand China chemical each grind oneself the technology already realized acceleration gain to change. Among them, fujian TDI device is one-time drive successful, the success tries to yield in colophony of optical class MS eligible product.

In addition, the ester of cyanic acid of different of colophony of ability in swimming, modified, TPU product that rolls out poor dissimilation ceaselessly, also help strength 10 thousand China chemical business outstanding achievement promotes quickly.

Half annals shows, this year first half of the year, 10 thousand China charge of chemical research and development achieves 1.791 billion yuan, grow 17.06% compared to the same period. Patent respect, first half of the year, 10 thousand China chemistry applies for 363 to invent patent domestic and internationally in all, new obtain invention patent authorization 473.

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