Fan lamina retires the environmental protection topic for discussion of generation is being fried domestic and internationally bubbling with noisely in last few years, clear away retire the wind report lamina that come down, completely current majority still chooses to be handled with the way with burn bury, cheap, but a debit type of these two kinds of save trouble not only cost is high, still can produce a variety of pollution, your world environment can'ts bear heavy burden. May be opposite with the means of low carbon economy does the composite material in these products undertake reclaiming recycle? If have a kind of new composite material, have reclaim newly technology, when need discards as useless, need to join splitting decomposition fluid to be able to reclaim directly only get colophony and fiber, changed traditional regulation? EzCiclo Yi Ke closes, CleaVER can establish innovation of company of the abb on solution to roll out " EzCiclo Yi Ke closes " , " CleaVER can establish solution " two brand-new product, offer prospective solution, can reclaim not only wind report lamina, still can recycle. On abb " EzCiclo Yi Ke closes " be can reclaim one kind again the epoxy resin of repeated usage, use " EzCiclo Yi Ke closes " the fibre glass aggrandizement of make it is plastic (FRP, fiber-reinforced Plastic) and carbon fiber composite material make blade of report of become a common practice, arrived to use fixed number of year to be able to reclaim degradation, through " CleaVER can establish solution " the technology will want to become litter originally " rubbish " , suddenly change one's identity is become reclaim fiber and few get together content, the recycle after arranging, make fibre glass aggrandizement again plastic (GFRP) and carbon fiber composite material (CFRP) raw material, it is a system that can repeat a loop. Pursue as follows: The composite material that goes to 0 carbon times to have in all answers debit law to be able to be divided it is 3 kinds, pyrolysis law, microwave decomposes law and chemical depolymerization to reclaim, but each have its drawback; On of abb " EzCiclo Yi Ke closes " , " CleaVER can establish solution " the system can reclaim not only fiber, also can reclaim colophony, and useless dissolvent and waste gas won't produce in the process, pollute without 2 (acerbity, alkaline) , can repeat use and safe (accord with EHS) . On of abb " EzCiclo Yi Ke closes " , " CleaVER can establish solution " the system has the following advantage: (1) the client need not change nowadays lamina to produce craft and equipment (2) wind recover capable person but need not smash first, the operation is convenient (3) colophony can reclaim reuse and reclaim the process does not need to use useless acid, useless alkaline, reason is polluted without 2 to the environment (4) carbolic footmark is low because climate is transitional, already more than 140 put forward 2050 clean 0 discharged targets, the European Union rose 2023 collection " carbolic custom duty " , the United States also plans to take carbolic custom duty to importing a product, decreasing carbon is not environmental protection topic for discussion any more, however economic topic for discussion, nowadays is all industry all forward clean 0 discharge, stride of sustainable direction of management. On of abb " EzCiclo Yi Ke closes " , " CleaVER can establish solution " the property of applicable is very extensive, besides domain of wind report lamina, motion and automobile industry also have development, developing field of etc of PCB board factory actively. Means changed the chemistry that abb uses innovation on to reclaim regular, be resource efficiency but the pioneering work that durative target pays Zhu Shi carry out, land of whole process old rate reduced raw material use up, raised the possibility of material repeated usage and recycle, for whole production the process brings enormous additional value.

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