Have tall collision function and can be being decreased duratively is car makes medium fixed standard again. On the road that counteracts car to climate carbon, of innovation light quantifying strategy is one of agenda with first auto industry the sources of energy and material efficiency are car stylist the crucial requirement on the first consideration detailed list of the model series to facing future and economically reasonable solution. The range of this theme domain is very wide. This includes the compact carbon dioxide slot that restrict and arises as a result of stricter motorcade, intelligent ground use material and use new-style material compound to be able to last light quantify. Although the weight of traditional internal-combustion engine car is lighter, can reduce those who destroy the greenhouse gas of climate to discharge, but smaller electric car can acquire additional add boat capacity.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The system of use innovation material and different material combines the ambitious car idea that considers integral weight in order to form functional sex material. However, without panacea. The mark of the electric car domain of new design, compact model minicar BMW I3, pushing to the market not long later had been washed out stage by stage by manufacturer. The fact proves, increase by carbon fiber plastic the passenger cabin that makes is element of drive of a cost, and the sales figures of this dynamoelectric Che Xianfeng far under anticipate. According to the view of BMW company, the loss that in be being sold 9 years, accumulates adds up it is 2 billion euro about, make the carbolic core of BMW much thereby data strategy got setback. I3 likelihood general crosses bound model to accede by the X1 that deploys electric motor. BMW group also did not stop his to be in absolutely light the activity that quantifies a domain, enlarging its to be able to last what making by natural material, the acceptance of the car assembly domain of resource conservation. Pass BMW I Ventures of branch of its venture capital investment, manufacturer of this Munich car invested Swiss company Bcomp nearly, a manufacturer of high-powered composite material that makes by natural fiber.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Not come singly but in pairs, wo Erwo also passes his fund of technology of car of Wo Erwo of subsidiary of venture capital investment (Volvo Cars Tech Fund) undertake to Swiss Bcomp company the strategy invests. Compare with traditional material phase, use but second birth raw material and natural fiber, wait like flax, bluish dogbane, can big limit reduces the use amount of material, can reduce more amount to the weight of 50% , this will conduce to reduce car to be used up in the sources of energy in use process. In addition, use natural fiber to still can reduce cost of carbon dioxide computation, because the plant is growing,level absorbs carbon dioxide to release oxygen. Light those who quantify is new tonal and costly light quantify wish scene it is one and the same, have the material that can last and resource more managing model workmanship is other one thing. Automobile industry is right cheap and durable light the voice that quantifies package is louder and louder, the effort that is aimed at this kind of demand has writtened guarantee a great achievements. For example, because demand increases, supplier division considers plastic group and car achieve enlarging its polycarbonate compound product line. This kind of material that synthesizes production can resist outside influence, won't break up, return the component that can machine large area. Its production also considered reclaiming raw material nearly. The professional corporation Wei that produces car scuttle Basite rolled out polycarbonate car scuttle in its range of products, with traditional steeliness batten scuttle, its weight can reduce 3.5 kilogram. Make in car in, of industrial raw material reclaim experience is uneven, but, the material that close is fiber radical circularly the exception of composite material. On one hand, the fiber in the colophony of composite material or plastic matrix cannot undertake reclaiming below the circumstance that does not damage, change material property thereby; On the other hand, onefold breed reclaims plasticly need chemical processing. This sounds resembling is effort and additional cost. However, regenerated fiber and raw material reduced the carbon dioxide discharge capacity related to package. Those who reduce cost is crucial with plastic the method that the cap outside the batteries that is a foundation demonstrated to one casts off predicament of be in a dilemma. Come from center of German space navigation (DLR) research lab revealed not to have the prototype that spins cloth to comprise electric car by fibre glass. The scientists of DLR were used thermoplastic the matrix of nylon and cloth of weaving of fibre glass blame. However, still need to undertake optimizing, produce in order to realize an amount. The key of material and process cost depends on making a process: To make reclaim without the high quality that spins cloth to achieve stability, plant technology must provide proper sensor and control software. According to the research result of DLR, make tectonic photograph compare with traditional aluminium, additional cost basically can pass craft automation and higher amount to compensate. This can have seen in the practice of Infac of manufacturer of Korea car component. This company begins batch to produce a kind to be used at the crust of plastic batteries module of electric car nearly. According to the view of company of Lang Cheng of special chemical group, infac company used Lang Cheng to be not had from what have brand Durethan haloid, flame retardant the polyamide that increases with fibre glass 6 (PA6) , this is a kind what combine easily is high-powered plastic, also be used at footplate of apply the brake and oil dish. With minute the mixture component production that is metre looks from manufacturing angle, it is cost issue be a burden on from beginning to end of mixture material large-scale use. Compare with traditional material and craft photograph, short, material is not worth periodic time circularly and the time-consuming pretreatment that books material combination weakened successive fiber to enhance composite material and the competitive actual strength of mixture component. German heart is tired this of the university light quantify and plastic technology institute brought a gleam of hope. The mixture material component that the alliance of a project that by car supplier Bo Ze takes the lead built to be used at batch to produce high load is full automatic the technology development center of the institute of center of space navigation of Germany of craft catenary —— that change announces to debug a success now. The plasma coating that controls stimulative agglutinate from the accurate temperature of metallic insert increases with use fiber stick a despotic process, the mass production that is aimed at cycle time to be less than one minute asks quantity body is custom-built.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The contest in material domain still is continueing however, the lose cent and did not make auto industry light quantify advocate deviate the right path of carbon fiber component. In awaiting steel of select material makings, aluminous, magnesium and composite material, car manufacturer does not have clear love at all. For example, of masses car modular electric drive matrix (MEB) besides high strenth steel, still include a lot of other light quantify a structure, include aluminium to control seat of doorsill board, extra high strength crossbeam, thin model, the door plank outside high strenth, plastic tailgate and aluminium make batteries case. Be in Benz company, the notional model EQXX that is close to a quantity to produce also pays close attention to highly light quantify, run quickly after all what such traditional group pays close attention to is completely electric car the advantage in respect of add boat course of development. What Benz engineers adopt in the light of EQ series is light the weight that quantifies measure to aim to reduce group of 100 KWh batteries and automobile body and in-house extent. Besides use rolled steel, still have a lot of components that enhance plastic matrix to be made by fibre glass and carbon fiber, component and patch. One of targets: Smaller, weight reduces batteries volume 30% , charge every time but travel 1000 kilometers.

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