The researcher of university of United Arab Emirates is using the rest 3D to print PLA and development of carbon fiber flotsam to be able to answer recover to combine material in exploration. Since the invention before a many century is plastic, plastic wastage is rising all the time, the waste material that produces pollution constituted a challenge to the other part of the mankind and earthly ecosystem. Be in especially in last few years, people is driving " green to initiate " all the time, achieve a society that can last more hard. Among them an act is to reclaim, print like 3D namely get together lactic acid (PLA) flotsam such polymer is used at new application afresh.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Same, come for years, the demand of composite material also is increasing, carbon fiber enhances material there is application in passing all manufacturing industry and 3D to print. Like polymer, carbon fiber is used extensively what wait for an industry in car and aerospace the flotsam of abet and ceaseless aggravation pollutes a problem. The researcher of A couplet chief of a tribe takes the opportunity found a kind of one Shi Erdiao's method: two kinds different trash flows to be used afresh, resolve the material demand of composite material domain. Carbon fiber increases get together lactic acid (C/PLA) gets together lactic acid, or weigh PLA, it is polymer of a kind of biology radical, it is to use candy to ferment the lactic acid of the generation in the process is made. It is to serve as a kind at the beginning of it more the crude oil of environmental protection base the substitute of polymer, be OK on the technology of biology degradation (although be,fall in industrial compost condition) . Besides it is desktop 3D outside the polymer that the domain that print uses extensively, get together lactic acid is being packed, the respect such as one-time cup also has a variety of application. Although it has cost effectiveness very much, machine easily, and easily 3D is printed, but the thermal stability of pure PLA and mechanical stability are very poor, so it does not suit any high-powered application. Improvement gets together a kind of method of character of lactic acid material is use additive, be like carbon fiber intensifier, because carbon fiber composite material can offer the outstanding coupling of mechanical function and hear resistance. Flotsam of △ carbon fiber (A, c) get together with what 3D prints lactic acid flotsam (B) in double screw extruder (D) in mix, forms what can reclaim composite material recipe. To make their second birth composite material, research group collected the rest 3D to print from the archetypal lab of university of A couplet chief of a tribe get together lactic acid. To obtain the carbon fiber element in composite material, they chose CF beforehand dip board and carbon fiber board flotsam. Get together lactic acid and carbon fiber flotsam by mincing, abrade, mix, mix with melt of different proportional additive. Next, study the group becomes these recipe hot pressing sample of ” of “ dog bone, use current trial machine to come the mechanical function that token returns recover to combine material. Interesting is, researcher discovery, the type of the per cent of additive and filler is influential to mechanical function. For example, the stretch model quantity of the carbon fiber composite material of 20% compares the carbon fiber of 20% - beforehand dip expects a composite material is tall. Altogether, carbon fiber enhanced material to rise generally to get together the intensity of lactic acid, composite material has the carbon fiber of 20% to succumb high intensity. However, higher consolidate percentage also is opposite by discovery of material extend a gender to have bigger negative effect. This job makes clear, reclaim at the same time likely get together lactic acid and carbon fiber, have the green composite material that can adjust character in order to develop. The author hopes their project can serve as a stepping-stone, let someone else study more effective method, create reclaiming composite material for industry. The stress of reclaiming composite material - curve of meet an emergency. The domain is printed in 3D, the research and development of environmental protection material is an active market all the time. Be in this month, braskem of Brazilian petrifaction company released his can last material of the 3D silk that print. This product includes FL600EVA-BIO, this is a kind of biology that extracts from inside sugar cane raw material base EVA filament, and reclaiming polyethylene (PE) with polypropylene (PP) product. Be in other place, the researcher of Ba Si university developed a kind of new method nearly, can make get together with ultraviolet ray only lactic acid material is decomposed. Through a few candy are being joined in its composition, this university can develop continuously and circular technology center (CSCT) scientists make clear, get together lactic acid can issue a few degradation inside the hour in natural condition really.

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