On May 12, cupreous hill city was released via opening an area " industry of region of concentration of chemical industry of green of garden of loop of cupreous hill city develops a program (2021-2025) " . In Feburary 2014, develop to drive chemical industry transition to upgrade further, cupreous hill municipal government considers to decide to circulate in cupreous hill city green chemical industry is established to center an area inside garden. Through old development, at present area of concentration of chemical industry of circular garden green has a company 74, among them chemical enterprise 32, enterprise of blame chemical industry 42, realized chemical production value 2021 6.5 billion yuan.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Catenary of industry of region of concentration of green chemical industry plans to insist to be direction with outspread industry catenary, promotion value catenary, aim at international to precede with the industry level, guide an enterprise to go achieve new-style, beneficial result model, intensive, zoology development mode, drive traditional industry to be changed to high end, intelligence is changed, green is changed, the service changes transition development, the administrative levels on stimulative convention industry, promote a technology, achieve increase of brand, synergism, implementation is produced from low end make transition to high end. Be based on industry of cupreous hill city to develop way, garden area has industrial base, up, catenary of downstream and outspread industry, implementation industry catenary collects development and value promotion. Around material of new energy chemical industry, foundation and special chemical, coating, printing ink and dye, material of functional sex high polymer and high-powered film stuff catenary of 4 big industries, assemble of the concentration of layout of garden of implementation chemical industry, intensive that use the land, industry, high quality develops, make green, safe, efficient, loop change, the chemical garden area that digitlization, intelligence turns. According to program of main product program, acyl of development Gao Ju is emphasized during green chemical industry centers 945 ” of area “ inferior element of catenary of industry of plastic alloy industry, carbon fiber industry, fragrant black silk ribbon, freeboard measures amine industry, epoxy resin industry the material of functional sex high polymer such as polyethylene industry, make chain of material of form a complete set, form ground of group of industry of chemical new material. Catenary of epoxy resin industry is used outside those who buy is multivariate mellow, multivariate phenolic, polybasic acid, multivariate amine undertakes condensation polymerization reaction produces special type epoxy resin, special type epoxy resin basically is to show the photograph is high pure to resinous of discharge ring oxygen epoxy resin and pressing plate of Fu copper layer use sex of epoxy resin, function epoxy resin, basically use at model of electric equipment of the Information Industry, high-grade coating, high pressure, electron to seal, weigh the industry such as anticorrosive, composite material. Special type epoxy resin is fat epoxy resin fill seals annulus a group of things with common features makings of makings, annulus oxygen moulding and company of local Fu copper provide raw material. At present cupreous hill city is electron of peaceful of constant of “ copper hill to produce per year ” of project of epoxy resin of 100 thousand tons of report sub level and abb of be apt to of “ copper hill to produce per year ” of project of epoxy resin of sub level of 210 thousand tons of report in the project of two epoxy resin that build.

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