Specification of year outstanding achievement met 9 vessels new material 2020, in concern of “ panoramic investor interactive platform ” will be held on May 17. Trustee holds secretary of board of directors, vise general manager concurrently Cao Yawei says on communication meeting, 9 vessels new material holds deal with concrete matters relating to work strategical the god-given history good luck that burgeoning industry policy supports place to bring energetically to electronic information and semiconductor industry, implementation is mixed in new material of information of microwave, electron functional material develops strategic to break through for the relevant diversity of core. About plan of research and development of material of new special type, in rice of material of high frequency to millimeter wave semiconductor, accept conductor is mixed flexible the property that in passing the target assets such as feeling material, decide and buys integrated and relevant mark, timely displacement old capital fund, make agree with the industry below economic new normal state to admit need, implementation spans type develops. The research and development that 9 vessels new material basically devotes oneself to composite material of products of fibre glass deep treatment, fibre glass and high-powered fibre glass to enhance base material at present, make and sell, it is cloth of fibre glass of aerospace special type company of the production that decide a dot, classics trade appoint key of grille of labor of fibre glass land produces a business.

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15-18 December

New York City