In desktop class the 3D of plastic product is printed in, undoubted melt is crowded piece shape (FDM) the result that print is fighting ageing, fight chemistry to corrode the function that waits for a respect very marvellous. But when should paying close attention to printed high rate and exterior detail, the smooth solidify of low cost (SLA) handle with digital light (DLP) the 3D technology that print may suit more. Fortunately, after the SLA that more and more affording and DLP3D printer enter the market, ecbolic also the evolution of colophony material technology, besides resemble such DSM material ” of “ big Ga, the research and development of material complies with the demand of the market to produce differentiation to different property performance, also making respect of domain of photosensitive colophony solidify more have the potential with PK of the product that note model. This period, small make up read the photosensitive colophony material with wide demand of 9 kinds of markets together with everybody. With when when general colophony begins the colophony that all enters, although 3D prints what the manufacturer of colophony equipment sells them to have stuff only, however, cooperating the demand of the market, appeared large quantities of colophony manufacturer, include MadeSolid, makerJuice and Spot-A, photoCentric3D material. Be in in the begining, desktop resinous color and function very accept limit, that moment has the stuff of yellow and transparent color only probably. In last few years develop, color has expanded orange, green, gules, yellow, blue, white, gray, black is mixed brown wait for color. The photosensitive resin that rigid colophony uses at table 3D to print normally is a bit flimsy, break off easily and craze. To solve these problems, a lot of companies had begun to produce stronger, more durable resin. The hemisphere that this kind of 3D prints below joint showed FormlabsDurable resinous is durable quality, this colophony can is opposite mark ABS is plastic note model function. Formlabs is additionally new the ToughResin3D that roll out prints colophony data, this material acquired a kind of balance between intensity and percentage elongation, the archetypal product that makes 3D is printed has better impact resistance and strength, make nicety of a few need combine the component prototype of the component for example, perhaps block the prototype that buckles contact. Of course, formlabs is not the company that produces material of function of this kind of more powerful machine exclusively. Include Carbon, model to become science and technology, and before mentioned MadeSolid, MakerJuice also supplies this kind of tough resin. What model is bungled not to rot into hammer of science and technology is plastic: Fusible pattern casts colophony tradition workmanship to have the complex and lengthy technological process that make, and accept mould restriction make the design that act the role of free degree low, print wax-pattern photograph to compare with 3D especially, much still to wax-patternMouldThe working procedure that make. For the workmanship that tastes than be being acted the role of with the tradition, the 3D fusible pattern that print cast wax-pattern to be able to shorten craft catenary, and promoted a design freedom spend. Good resinous coefficient of expansion cannot tall, and be in flaming process, all polymer need burn-up, stay only perfect eventually product figure. Otherwise, the defect that any plastic hangover can cause cast and be out of shape. In this respect, equipment manufacturer SprintRay and special data firm FunToDo supply this kind resin, domestic model also rolled out the colophony material CA that with Yu Rong the model casts into science and technology. Flexible colophony is flexible colophony manufacturer includes Formlabs, FSL3D, Spot-A, Carbon, model to wait into science and technology, these resinous property performance are a kind of medium hardness, wear-resisting, can relapse the material of drawing. This kind of material is used as hinge and friction unit need to relapse in the component of drawing. Colophony of stretch colophony flexibility is the stuff that squash in high strenth and outstanding flexibility shows below drawing repeatedly, the balata that the Flexible colophony of Formlabs is special softness kind material is printing the meeting when thinner layer is thick very soft, the meeting when thicker layer is thick becomes very bouncy and impulse withstand. The possibility of its application is everlasting. This kind of new material will apply at making perfect hinge, damping, interface, with other project application, suit the crowd of those interesting originality and design. Picture origin: Formlabs home model also rolled out ZZ of stretch polyurethane colophony into science and technology, material is used at shock absorber material, gasket, sealed kind during in. High temperature colophony is undoubted, high temperature colophony is the direction of a research and development that numerous colophony manufacturer stares at closely, because we know to domain of solidify of liquid state colophony, what perplex colophony to move toward consumptive level and industrial level application for quite a long time is these plastic ageing problem. Colophony of cyanic acid ester is a kind of high-powered stuff that has heat to be out of shape temperature is as high as 219°C. Good strength, stiffness and long-term thermal stability maintain below high temperature, apply to the mould of car and aviation industry and mechanical spare parts, for example the application of high temperature environment below engine cover, and electron and part of other and calorific industry are current, high temperature resistantColophonyThe heat that material challenges is out of shape temperature (HDT) achieved 289°C (552°F) . And be in high temperature resistant colophony this one domain, carbon is not alone, formlabs also was rolled out new high temperature resistant material. More and detailed report pays close attention to of answer ability network please

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