800 million spatio-temporal will release record sheet of investor concern activity on September 22, the company accepted 11 orgnaizations survey on September 21, 2023, orgnaization type is QFII, other, abroad orgnaization, stockjobber. Main content introduces investor concern activity:

   Ask: The layout of material of this company OLED how?

Answer: The OLED business of the company is main with OLED the material before intermediate body and sublimate is given priority to, in synthesis data side has an advantage more. At present battalion of business of company OLED data receives dimensions to be in 10 thousand yuan of thousands of RMBs, future we will continue hard, strive to gain greater success.

   Ask: Mix brilliant this current and homebred substitution rate how many? Is the company produced can you expect next year whether release completely?

Answer: Investigate statistic according to CINNO Research industry, of material of Chinese market liquid crystal homebred change portion to increase in year after year, came to was achieved 2020 about 60% . Be based on the company knowledge to whole industry situation, those who show liquid crystal stuff is homebred change rate increase somewhat. The addition of demand of home market liquid crystal, promote the abidance that conduces to share of firm of data of homebred liquid crystal. At present design of data of company mixed liquor brilliant is produced already can achieve produce per year 200 tons, mix brilliant to produce can release match with market demand bearing, the company also is in existing produce base of data of electron of the anxiety on Zhejiang can be accelerated to build vigorous expansion to produce on the foundation can, mix the demand of brilliant material with satisfying the market to be opposite ceaselessly, promotion is homebred and self-restrained rate.

   Ask: When does PSPI photoetching glue predict to you can realize income?

Answer: PSPI will push work of client test and verify actively next, job of test and verify needs 2-3 annulus time, the quantity produces what should see a client to appeal to beg. Particular income case sees the demand of the progress that test and verify works and client even. At present we do good test and verify and quantity to produce preparation, if client quantity is produced,advance successful, contribution relatively considerable battalion receives.

   Ask: Excuse me narrow is distributinging colophony basically distinguished with wide distributinging resinous?

Answer: The company is narrow distributinging colophony and business of wide distributinging colophony all have involve. Narrow the photoetching gum that distributinging colophony place makes can be used in more expensive to requirement of resolution, graph product. Narrow photograph of distributinging PHS colophony relatively colophony of Yu Kuan distributinging PHS, the deliquescent contrast of photoetching glue can increase in process of photoetching glue develop, promote photoetching the resolution of glue then; Apply at the production of glue of photoetching of high resolution KrF to make more. Narrow distributinging resinous price should compare wide distributinging colophony a few taller.

Ask: Does the company do strategy of photoetching glue resinous to think? Show with the distinction of company of other photoetching rubber and advantage body where?

Answer: Colophony of semiconductor photoetching glue regards the core of photoetching glue as raw material, basic by foreign forestall, technical camp is very tall, difficulty basically disperses in the PDI(of colophony material degree) with purity (level of golden miscellaneous PPT) . The company pursues the development of electronic level material for a long time, have home's banner synthesis ability, rarefied technology, the analysis that distributings to minim impurity especially and rarefied processing have original capacity, the company has the powerful analytic ability to of all kinds and organic matter and advanced instrument facility, have advantage of relevant research and development. Current, function of the integral technology level of glue of photoetching of Chinese indigenous industry, product and sort and foreign bibcock enterprise still exist bigger difference, the mainland that its raw material supplies an industry is changed rate is not high it is one of crucial factors. Among them the rig that international market of photoetching glue resinous supplies catenary and advanced technique brings about difficulty of shipment of colophony of indigenous industry PR to greaten; At the same time erroneous tendency of industry of photoetching glue colophony is supplied solely or the agreement is supplied synthesize a technology in order to protect core. Here industry setting falls, the company organized a special team to have research and development of photoetching glue resinous, at present glue of photoetching of KrF of successful already implementation reachs his to derivative tries a quantity to produce in 100 kilograms of class and obtain glue of domestic share photoetching to produce a business with PHS colophony narrow distributinging colophony order, what this also indicates development work strode a colophony of company photoetching glue to have milepost sense is important one pace. The company already began and company of downstream photoetching rubber undertakes arrange with, this year first half of the year, the company that can undertake with home quantity of KrF photoetching glue is produced for the most part has certain business collaboration.

Ask: If narrow distributing can achieve better progress, can do other wide distributing, 3 yuan of copolymerization, product of phenolic aldehyde colophony?

Answer: Lv of company unified exam has a product outspread. Current and dedicated the development at colophony of KrF photoetching glue and its ramification, main component is narrow distributinging anion is mixed the wide distributinging colophony of freedom radical polymerization includes (3 yuan of copolymerization) . At present downstream client has demand two pieces to this, we already had for goods. Phenolic aldehyde won't consider temporarily, camp is low, home is homebred change rate had compared tall.

Ask: Will look according to market price case, PSPI photoetching glue and narrow value of distributinging resinous market and wool interest rate how?

Answer: Quote is more sensitive, involve commercial secret, the shipment of small lot is mixed the shipment client of ton of class is different to the susceptibility of the price. PSPI gives a clear answer very hard; Different colophony price is not quite same also;

  Survey participates in orgnaization detail to be as follows:

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Smooth old negotiable securitiesStockjobber- -
Lucky silver-colored negotiable securitiesStockjobber- -
CPPIBAbroad orgnaization- -
LyGH CapitalAbroad orgnaization- -
Open Door CapitalAbroad orgnaization- -
Polunin Capital PartnersAbroad orgnaization- -
Polymer CapitalAbroad orgnaization- -
Willing CapitalAbroad orgnaization- -
Rich Lan Kelin is colorfulQFII- -
Tall Ling capitalQFII- -
Clear sea gorgeOther- -
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