China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

News of market small network on August 8, 800 million spatio-temporal release half an year to spend a report to say, 2023 first half of the year, the company realizes battalion to receive 408 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 21.57% ; Profit of net putting in a mother 's charge fifty-three million six hundred and ninety-seven thousand eight hundred yuan, drop compared to the same period 57.94% ; Buckle blame net profit forty-five million one hundred and fifty-nine thousand yuan,

800 million spatio-temporal express, business income falls compared to the same period basically is to suffer industry of downstream face plate entered second half of the year 2022 the influence of cycle of be issued to lower levels, continued first quarter 2023 2022 the fatigued and weak condition of second half of the year, annulus of business income of the 2nd quarter picks up than showing trend, but integral business income relatively the corresponding period glided somewhat last year. And net profit glides to basically fasten sales revenue and wool interest rate to drop, investment of research and development increases, cause net profit relatively the corresponding period decreased last year.

800 million spatio-temporal point out, develop a standard to promote the whole of the company, also did not come for the company the development of each business lays a foundation, at present the company began the construction of 4 projects thick and fast, it is respectively: Beijing produces per year 100 tons to show with liquid crystal material 2 period glue of photoetching of project, Shanghai and get together acyl inferior 800 million medicine of project of base of electron of the anxiety on project of amine material research and development, Zhejiang and industrialization of material of new energy resources and Heibei body reachs industry among advanced medicine project of raw material medicine. At present each project is being advanced quickly in the round, the company will be grasper with the construction of 4 big projects, sufficient play company is in chemical synthesis, material is rarefied, detect the systematization advantage of the respect such as management of profit of analysis, seed, make medicine of indication material, semiconductor material, raw material and material of intermediate body, new energy resources Wu of 4 great undertaking board piece, for company future business full-scale development lays good foundation.

Meanwhile, 800 million spatio-temporal continue to strengthen the research that waits for a domain in brilliant of carrier fluid of negative sex liquid crystal, car and development, brilliant of car carrier fluid already put in the market in the round. Also increased the investment in side of OLED data business and position.

Direction of photoetching collagen material: Platform of 800 million research and development of stuff of spatio-temporal photoetching glue already compose is built finish, team of talent of research and development is farther tamp. First half of the year, the research and development of colophony of PHS of raw material of key of glue of photoetching of company focusing KrF and its ramification and quantity are produced, obtain major breakthrough. Up to now, group of company research and development realizes KrF photoetching glue successfully already to use PHS colophony and its ramification of 100 kilograms of level in try a quantity to produce, obtained glue of domestic share photoetching to produce a business narrow distributinging colophony order, material function index achieves international advanced level, can satisfy the requirement of client of domestic photoetching glue, the subproblem blocking neck that solved material of core of domestic photoetching glue partly, broke international monopoly, formal to client shipment.

Get together acyl inferior amine direction: Get together acyl inferior amine is main and dedicated Yu Guangmin gets together acyl inferior amine (PSPI) research and development, direction of core research and development is the development that OLED face plate uses PSPI. At present product recipe finalizes the design already basically, will cooperate a client to undertake test and verify with all one's strength, realize a quantity to produce as soon as possible.

Side of data of lithium report new energy resources: 800 million spatio-temporal and fast established project group, with home famous courtyard place undertakes yield learning to grind cooperative, the quantity that be advanced actively and perfects lithium of 6 fluorine phosphoric acid produces technology development, begin pair of electrolyte the research and development of relevant data works, the safety that ensures amount of project of data of prospective lithium report is produced, efficient with low cost, the further progress that also is business of data of company future new energy resources provides support.

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