Recently, ba Sifu and Steelcase joint development the bench of new-style Flex Perch of Steelcase, this bench will but durative the forward position that with circular sex park its design.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
This is the paragraph furniture product of Steelcase, steelcase is one of banner furniture manufacturer, use come from chemistry or advanced those who answer knock off art is plastic. Bench by Basifu's Ultramid®B3EG6 Ccycled™ is made, this is a kind of polyamide that can note model to shape (nylon) 6, it uses electronic product to produce the trash of the generation in the process to spread medium material, the polyamide that can replace 100% fossil origin 6. Mark Spoelhof of Steelcase banquet stylist states “Steelcase Flex Perch Stool is but durative the innovation with seat respect. It offerred to sit down quickly for employee space, make them forward sit, keep dedicated, pass compact platoon to save a space into. Below the 100% circumstances that can reclaim, the collaboration of we and Basifu conduces to the mission that realizes Steelcase, create good to the mankind and environment product namely. ”Chemical or advanced reclaiming is a kind of consumption that will be used at filling to bury before or burns before or the process that the trash after consumption sheds translate into to new high price is worth material and throw value catenary afresh. Stephanie Delmenhorst of chief inspector of business of consumer of high-powered data of Ba Sifu company expresses: “ to Steelcase, we bring into the material that is burned a kind before our manufacturing process. This replaced the raw material that is based on fossil, created new loop for these material, and because it is the solution of a kind of Plug and Play, accordingly they are used very easily. Ba Sifu continues hard to rise but durative, draw close to circular economy. ”Data of Ultramid B3EG6 circulation in Mixiegen Huaienduote makes the state, already obtained the test and verify of lab of American insurance business. According to program of test and verify of statement of UL 2809 environment, ultramid Ccycled grade, before using a variety of consumption, flow with the trash after consumption, but system of service mass balance will satisfy reclaim content standard. These grade have as identical as traditional and congener product character, do not need to machine a method to undertake adjustment to the tradition, can last what and be pack the application such as filmy, carpet and furniture raw material substitute. Bench of Steelcase Flex Perch can be bought in North America now, will mix in Europe, middle east in April 2022 the Asia is rolled out.

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