This year, jiangsu saves major project to plan to invest 553 billion   recently, jiangsu province hair changes appoint announced 2021 year to save major project detailed list, detailed list is initial this year plan a project 240, implement a project among them 220, reserve project 20, annual plan invests 553 billion yuan, relatively on the beginning of the year increases 12 billion yuan.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The province develops innovation appoint concerned controller discloses, the work out of major project detailed list this year works, hold to “ project to follow a program to walk along ” , the key direction that contrast seriously and plans to make clear related 945 ” of province “ , preferential arrangement brings into relevant program and the project with taller maturity, rise with program, plan agree degree. Project of new energy resources of new material of petrifaction of the part in list and downstream project,  
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
In addition, project work out is paid attention to more with industrial catenary join, the key considers to plan group of 13 advanced manufacturing industry the catenary of strong catenary solid of construction and catenary of 50 keys industry delays catenary project. In the meantime, cogent aggrandizement risk is prevented accuse, on the foundation that fulfils local responsibility, the key is right foreground of source of the company actual strength of industrial project, financing, technology origin, development undertake checkup.   of   of new developed area of country fairdyke of Xu of Lian Yun harbor selected province of 7 industries project is major 7 industries project includes new developed area of country fairdyke of project   Xu among them, 7 selected projects include to change even temper with fire of Yun Gangcheng rainbow unifinication, Lian Yun high end is changed to change ethylene of petrifaction of satellite of labour, Lian Yun harbor to be used integratedly subtly in harbor, Lian Yun harbor Si Erbang propane, involve the field such as project of major industry, great the people's livelihood, great infrastructure, annual plan invests 34 billion yuan. New developed area of Xu country fairdyke invested progress to click a link to examine please 2020: Refine flourishing rainbow changes exposure of unifinication new progress! New developed area of country fairdyke of Xu of the harbor that connect the cloud already finished an industry to invest this year 42.8 billion! PTA is one of a large amount of important organic raw material, main use is manufacturing polyester fiber (polyester fibber) , polyester bottle piece with polyester film, use extensively at the domain such as chemical fiber, light industrial, electron, building. To promote dimensions benefit further, add refine of crude oil of “ of group of powerful and prosperous rainbow to change - aromatic hydrocarbon / glycol - PTA- polyester - catenary of industry of spin of new-style high end of chemical fibber ” competes integratedly advantage, rainbow harbor petrifaction 2 period the project is built at formal in May 2019 start, in coming true smoothly on December 30, 2020, hand in, enter manufacturing preparation and trial production phase. Drive in planning a course, departmental door nicety cooperates, prepare meticulously, overcome time limit for a project hard close, task heavy, low temperature is refrigerant wait for difficulty, work overtime continuously, rigorous course canal accuses, ensured project green, safe, high grade, efficient drive successful. Regard factory of class “ green as the main component of ” , rainbow harbor petrifaction 2 period the project uses banner Ying Wei to amount to P8+PTA technology, technological process more simplify, energy is used integratedly reasonable, clean production level is high. Device can reclaim the response that uses a system is hot, heat coagulate fluid yields extremely low pressure, ultralow pressure, low-pressure vapour, in contented device all to steam of grade of these 3 kinds of pressure dosage, huge reduces the vapour of the system after driving to use up. In the meantime, manufacturing unit refines liquid waste reclaims adequately use, waste residue produces cost of quantity, production to be reduced considerably, promote company core effectively competition ability. Rainbow harbor petrifaction 2 period the successful go into operation of the project, will promote petrifaction of harbor of rainbow of   of PTA industry transition 2 period the successful go into operation of the project, future will carry on effectively refine flourishing rainbow changes unifinication project aromatic hydrocarbon to produce can, ensure raw material of industry of group polyester chemical fibber to supply with all one's strength, make base of class petrifaction property and base of green fiber production add to fill rainbow to accelerate brand-new kinetic energy!

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