On May 19, can build this world of city of Xinjiang courtyard Great Harmony project of cable of wind of 50MW of collect of official of tall county king approves S89 lamina going up Bo courtyard east station plant holds car shipment smoothly, indicating electric wind report is current onshore long lamina is formal open batch consign. Below epidemic situation the CEO is apart from content to shed the task to be full of a challenge, but it is difficult that the “ of person of electric wind report relies on chart ” to depending on straight face challenge, assault fortified positions overcoming. Client demand is the impulsion that we solve a problem, seal in epidemic situation then accuse as before strict instantly, content of electric wind report sheds a group to cooperate open one paragraph spans 4 those who save 1250 kilometers is boundless long march. 01, S89 lamina: Efficiency actor, safe lamina of S89 of report of strong electric wind uses tall, property digitlization tool undertakes designing, automatic iteration is optimized undertake appearance and load find actor, make aircrew generates electricity efficiency actor, security is high; Undertake according to new international standard blade structure is designed, ensure blade is in the sex of on the safe side of complete lifecycle; According to IEC61400-29 standard one class asks to undertake thunder is designed preventing, use much physics field to emulate union to check test and verify, ensure the dependability of the system that prevent thunder; Development faces the digitlization tool that production makes, offer accurate model to assist the tool tool in producing a course to design, reduced the settling time of trial-produce process significantly, promote production efficiency considerably. Raise blade to got offline in September 2021. The content of the tall project of this world of road collate difficult problem below epidemic situation of 02 artful solution sheds preparation in April the middle ten days of a month is started, epidemic situation of the Shanghai when those is sealed accuse to be in strict period, long triangle many cities also appear in succession case of illness. Suffer epidemic situation effect, content of electric wind report sheds personnel to cannot be away on official business to collate of spot organization road, in relief tall place also heads for personnel to put forward 14 days to close to different ground administrative demand. Communicate through many rounds, analysis, judgement, content of electric wind report shed a politic group to undertake adjustment to the mode of invite public bidding of in relief tall project, the spot instead of constituent road collate coachs remotely road collate, change blade, be out of luck and lead plane way cent to be 3 mark according to product delivery order at the same time content of Duan Jin travel sheds invite public bidding, relatively will complex when epidemic situation is difficult the line-haul with degree of low demand and go ahead of the rest of be out of luck undertook deciding, road is transformed paragraph work at also will finishing invite public bidding in May after epidemic situation gains proper control. 03 get through 4 those who save 1250 kilometers is boundless and long-distance because blade reachs ground of lead plane start shipment east the segregation requirement that stage city also raised above 7 days to transporting car and staff, content sheds a ministry to carry out the time after the group is quickening affirmatory carriage unit to throw the job, arrangement car personnel is entered east the stage undertakes keeping apart preparative, the conduction of synchronous arrangement is large carriage card works, ensured batch lamina can in May the middle ten days of a month completes the shipment that assemble a car. Even if cross Jiangsu, Shandong, Heibei, Shanxi,two S89 lamina is in after the long-distance trip that 4 provinces complete near 1250 kilometers, om a few days is about to reach project spot. Get be controllinged effectively stage by stage as epidemic situation, each district go back to work answer yield progress also is accelerated stage by stage. Content of electric wind report sheds a large quantities of employee to hurry off to segregation of each district open, expect to each project spots are arrived at to develop the work after become silent period ends. Epidemic situation brought a lot of challenge for each job of electric wind report, but person of electric wind report from beginning to end finish the task to place v/arc be on the throne against time, put client and project demand in mind, face difficult problem draw on the wisdom of the masses, formulate to carry out a solution, swear to seek the pay that defers because of epidemic situation, grab the opportunity that misses because of epidemic situation come back!

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15-18 December

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