Recently, the 5 branches such as bank of people of industry and informatization ministry, China are released " about beginning “ one catenary financing of small small company promotes one plan in a batch of ” the announcement of the action " (abbreviation " announcement " ) , requirement around catenary of industry of manufacturing industry key, establish mechanism of cooperation of butt joint of ” of orgnaization of finance of — of enterprise of “ government — , encourage financial orgnaization to combine industrial catenary characteristic, specialty of business of base oneself upon, one plan ” supplies one chain of “ the diversity finance that has specific aim supports move.

" announcement " clear, choose key industry catenary, compose builds financing to promote zoology. Rely on enterprise of industrial catenary bibcock, only the key enterprise such as enterprise of ” of small giant of new “ of spy of essence of life, what comb a batch to produce effect of firm chain of strong chain filling chain on industrial catenary further is high grade in small small company, detailed list of demand of listed financing.

" announcement " requirement, platform of service of each district industry and orgnaization of finance of combination of informatization director branch, digitlization, medium and small businesses is public service orgnaization, communal service demonstrative platform, composition serves a group technically. Be aimed at key industry catenary, thorough garden area, group, enterprise, in be opposite “ of difficult problem of financing of small small company answers doubt dispels doubts ” .

" announcement " optimize strategy of the service that give a letter, perfect financing clearly still to add a series of move such as letter strategy. In optimize appear on the market breed politic respect, " announcement " put forward each district industry and informatization director branch to want to combine gradient of high grade medium and small businesses to breed the job, in feeling a catenary to go up, small small company appears on the market apiration, management circumstance, build appear on the market the enterprise is mothball library.

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