Recently, science and technology of limited company of chemical industry of Wei of day of Xinjiang day trade tackles key problem group, contrast new castigatory GB suggests to stalk of grain, draft edited burnt colophony of makings of makings of be born of polyvinyl chloride burnt colophony, be born of colophony of polyvinyl chloride special type, pvc removes dust law of makings, suspension but resinous of chloridize pvc special type mark of look forward to edits the job, second release in industry standard information public service platform, realized science and technology to aid push company high quality to develop ” of “ make a good beginning. Industry standard information is public service platform is standard of our country industry put on record the government-owned net platform that reforms innovation. Limited company of chemical industry of Wei of day of Xinjiang day trade regards northwest area as base of large burnt colophony production, the company carries own research and development, model of burnt colophony product can satisfy the applied requirement of 20 many industries, enjoy in industry taller famous degree, and treatment craft is simple, shape easily, apply extensively at a lot of material such as conveyer belt of glove, industry, electric appearance and goods domain. Limited company of day Wei chemical industry early or late dominant research and development quality of raw material of burnt colophony of polyvinyl chloride special type and hind the research that machines function and application, pvc that is based on TRIZ theory papers craft of colophony disappear bubble, pvc to paper device of bubble of colophony machinery disappear to wait for multinomial technology, made polyvinyl chloride burnt colophony, medical polyvinyl chloride papers class chloridize of law of colophony, suspension is special the multinomial industry standard such as colophony of polyvinyl chloride special type.

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15-18 December

New York City